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1º_ It is a lexical component taken from the Greek 964; 949; 964; 961; 945; which means "four". 2º_ Colloquial apocope of words that have it as a prefix; the most common is perhaps for tetrabrik packaging (Tetra Brik® brand), especially if it contains wine.


Walkman ("walker" in English) is a trademark for a portable cassette player that was listened to with headphones. It was invented by the Sony company in 1979 at the request of one of its founders, Masura Ibuka, although there was an earlier model patented a few years earlier called Stereobelt ("belt with stereo") that its inventor Andreas Pavel did not commercialize, but that maintained a lawsuit with Sony for the recognition that lasted 25 years.


1º_ Gillette® is a trademark of shaving products and accessories. It was created in the early twentieth century by the American King Camp Gillette who had his company The Gillette Company in the city of Boston (state of Massachusetts, USA). For many years the name was a generic Americanism to call the "razor blade"; although the multinational Procter Gamble that bought the brand at the beginning of the XXI century still maintains it as registered property. 2º_ I do not know if this fits in a dictionary, but I wanted to comment something about the character of the novel Sherlock Holmes, created by the writer Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887, and is that although his appearance was described throughout his work the most popular and almost definitive characterization we owe it to the actor, director and theatrical producer William Gillette, who not only incorporated the curved pipe but also coined the phrase "Oh, this is elementary, my dear fellow" addressed to Dr. Watson.


1º_ It is the name of an Amazonian butterfly in Huaorani language. 2º_ Tegantai is an environmental news agency in Ecuador.


Twingo is the name of a car model of the Renault company. It was created as the contraction of the words twist, swing and tango, all related to danceable musical styles.


1º_ It is the popularized generic version of Lucite® , a trademark of the chemical DuPont for its plexiglass or methacrylate (polymethylmethacrylate). [Note: the meaning provided by patricia may be a localism, because in Spanish the words ending in /z/ form the diminutive with the suffix '-ecito' (or '-ecita', for the feminine); with some usual exceptions for a few animal names. See little light ("small, low-intensity light"). ] 2º_ La Lucita is a town in the Mexican state of Colima.


Gentilicio del Perú . Concerning that country .


Gentilicio de Haiti . Concerning that Caribbean country.


Actually the ethnic group or nomadic people are called Fulani, Fula or Peul, Fulani would be a gentilicio or the name of their language. The plural can be fulanis or fulaníes, although Spanish also accepts fulanís.


Concerning the region of Illyria, its people and its language.


Natural of Compostela, relative to one of the places with that name.


Gentilicio de Inglaterra, relative to that country.


It is a Spanish version by phonetics of the anglicism whiskey.


It is an anglicism to name the actor who does stand up (comedy).


It is an Anglicism – closer to Spanglish – to "pressure, surround someone, hinder their progress" that is used in the Caribbean especially related to sport. It has its origin in the English guard ( "to guard").


It is the Spanish version of the English router ("router for data and communication network").


It is a Castilianization of the American brand of chewing gum Chiclets. See chewing gum.


It is a . . . Ultra-Castilianization? of the French coéquipier ("companion of the same team") that is used a lot in Mexico and that has a previous version in "coequiper", widely used in Argentina although it does not fall into the category of lunfardo. In truth and at most it would be barbarism, since it does not exist in Spanish, where phrases such as its translation "teammate" are preferred.

cocos nucifera

It is the name in the scientific nomenclature of the coconut tree.


It is the simple way to call the mint plant peperine in Argentina.



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