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Andrea is a proper name, in principle male, although among Spanish speakers it is used almost exclusively for women (I suppose because it ends in 'a'). It comes from the Greek 945; 957; 948; 961; 959; 962; (andrós "male, virile") which is relative to male force, so it is also used as a component of other names.


Samanta is a female name, supposed to be of Aramaic origin, and that was popularized for a couple of centuries thanks to the folletines and television series. In Sri Lanka it is a male name, being a variant of the god Saman. The 'Samantha' version is not Spanishized.


In principle Christian is a male name, but as with so many names of religious origin they end up using it also women. It means "Christian" and has many versions in different languages; In Spanish Cristián and Cristina are preferred. See Christ.


Shirley is a name of Celtic origin, probably toponymic as it means "bright, clear, sunny" referring to a meadow, to a grassland. That is why she was initially masculine and also a surname, but from the novel Shirley (Charlotte Bronte , 1849 ) where the protagonist had that name, she began to use it as a feminine.


At first Rosbel is a female name, although there are some males named Rósbel.


Marley is a generally masculine name, although it can be used by a woman. Of English origin (perhaps more Irish), it is usually toponymic and allude to a place of birth. It is assumed that its etymology comes from marble ( "marble" ) -y ( "suffix for adjectives" ) .


It must be a bioaccumulation error.


Looks like a mistake for the female agroecological.


Surely it's a chronology error.


It can be an error by the plural of ration or the reaction plural.


In Spanish it can be a mistake by diode or beodo.


Error by means or some inflection to understand or . . .


Surely a mistake by prophecy.


Surely an error by concatenation.


It must be a bug by case.


1st_ Female Shaking . 2o_ Type of fabric printed in cotton . Bramble variant ( "silk cloth listed" ) . See also the saraza, sarasa paronimos.


Plural of capacity .


Plural of purépecha . See also tarasco .


Female plural of angle. See also angled .


Plural of parranda .



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