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presos políticos o políticos presos

If you try to be a pun, as you retruecano makes little sense. Obviously: prisoner and politician can be used as a noun and as an adjective each.

vaso de precipitado

It is a cylindrical container, flat-based, taller than a petri dish dish, used in chemical laboratories. It is used not only to obtain a precipitate in liquids, but as a container in general. See glass.

caja automática

Mechanical transmission system in engines, especially vehicles, which automatically regulates the ratio of speeds on the fly. View manual box .

caja de cambio

It is used more "gearbox" , and is the mechanical assembly with speed reducers for motors that allows to make the selection manually. It is usually used in vehicles, where in addition to various speeds can include a reverse. View automatic box .

conector de adición

In grammar is the type of connector with copulative or additive function, such as "y" or "e". See disjunctor .

don melón de la huerta

Don Melon de la Huerta is the central character of the so-called "Book of Good Love" written by Juan Ruiz, Arcipreste de Hita, as a fictional autobiography.

flor de pájaro

Common name for the Strelitzia plant, by the characteristic shape of its flower, similar to a bird. It is native to Africa.

punto de equilibrio

Equality mark on the faithful of a balance, figuratively is the situation in which stability is achieved. See point, balance.

la calabaza de halloween

It is almost a reverse dictionary query for "Jack O'Lantern" and his legend, which is another version of the one who mocks the Devil and when he dies they do not want him even in Hell not in Paradise; so I'm going to skip that story. But I do comment that his lamp with an eternal ember was made of hollowed-out turnip, common vegetable in his native Ireland. Irish immigrants did not find abundance of turnips in North America, but pumpkins, so they followed their tradition of remembering Jack with a candle now inside this berry. As american cultural penetration was the one who popularized Halloween, we know the pumpkin version more than that of turnip.

oración exclamativa

Type of vocative prayer, marked with emphasis. In grammar it is usually wrapped between exclamation points ( [b]. . . ! [/b] ) , also points out the exclaiming character accentuating his adverb.

ay dios!

Exclamation to which lacks an opening of admiration and a comma. ( For operational reasons we must apologise for the lack in capital letters. )


Plural of cana .


Plural beating.


Plural of hard .


Plural of dizziness .


Multidisciplinary plural .


Plural of cripple .


Plural viewpoint.


Plural of much .


Marble punch. By extension is the blow that gives the hail or the chunks of ice in the drinks.



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