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crianza helicóptero

I don't think this is really used, it is a phrase supposed from helicopter father, which is already a very debatable qualification, at the level of a journalistic-advertising invention, for "very controlling father of his children".

manta de palos

I have my doubts about whether this fits among the locutions, but let's believe that it does. It has another variant such as "somanta de palos" and is understood as "beating, beating", since manta is used in its meaning of "abundant, large quantity" and stick is for "blows" not necessarily given with a rod.

virar en u

I have doubts about whether this is a locution, but considering that 'U' does not refer to the letter or a place with that name but to a comparison with its form, I suppose we can define it in a dictionary. It is "to turn around, to make a 180° turn to return by the same way as one way", which also has its figurative meaning as "to undo the action already done, to change a decision made by an opposite one". See turn ( "turn" ) , roundabout .

no dar el brazo a torcer

Negative version of "giving in". To see not ("negation"), to give someone his arm to twist.

no dejarse algo en el tintero

Ver no (negation), "to leave something in the inkwell".

el ombligo del mundo

I was thinking if this fits in a dictionary, because navel already has its meaning as center; but it would still be a locution. It is said with some irony of the most important place, of the metropolis, and especially of someone who thinks that everything revolves around his person. See World .


Plural of pitcher ("vessel for liquids"). See "Raining Buckets".


Plural of inconvenience ("which is not convenient").


Plural of lagar ("place where the grape is pressed for wine or the olive for oil").


Plural of nudibranch ("marine animal of the order Nudibranchia") .


Plural of chumbo (in its various definitions).


Plural of the referred adjective ("referenced, which has been made at least one reference").


Plural of guantada ("blow with the hand, with the glove").


1º_ Plural of island ("territory surrounded by water surfaces"). 2º_ It is part of the name of many geographical island places, but there are also others as a tribute to a character surnamed Islands.

sin pareja

See without , couple .

sin dinero

See sin (preposition), money (currency).

sin oficio

To see without ("lack of"), trade ("task, ability to perform it").

sin concretarse

It is not a locution, and it is understood. Ver sin ( preposition ) , specify , se ("third person pronoun") .

sin asear

To see without (preposition), to clean (to clean, wash).

sin compañía

See without (preposition), company ("that accompanies").



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