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Feminine of ligero ("mild", "libertine").


Female by Cesaraugustano .


Feminine of noisy ("with noise") .


Feminine of monologic ("relative to the monologue, to the single discourse") . For some mistake see nomological .


Feminine of dialogic ("relating to dialogue, debate").


Feminine of staggered ("with degrees or steps").


Feminine of talker.


Surely it is the feminine of the manphobic irony (of manphobic irony) that obviously does not exist as a pathology and that can only be used as a joke or insult to those who fear or reject contact with men, rather than to man as a human species. See suffix -phobia, androphobia, misandry, anthropophobia.


It's an ironic way of referring to someone's symbolic inclusion or participation just for commitment or to enhance a public image, without any real need or utility, comparing it to a decorative vase. Actually, the name is inspired by some artistic currents that in painting and other visual arts abuse ornament and images alien to the central concept of the work. See suffix -ism, tokenization.


Follower of a politician surnamed Sanguino. It can also be a bug for sanguinarism, which is very rare but used. What does not appear is a relationship with the blood humor of Hippocrates. See phlegmatic, melancholy, choleric.


1º_ Psychological and religious belief (and consequently also artistic resource) that attributes characteristics of a living being with a soul and feelings to natural objects and phenomena. It is a common thought in children that corresponds to adult religious fetishism. See anima ("soul"), suffix -ism, hylozoism. Pseudoscientific doctrine which attributes changes in physical state to the spirit. While there are psychosomatic reactions that can end in illness, this is more for the study of psychiatry and psychology than for the mystical assumption of the existence of a soul.


A set of organs that make up a body. It is especially said of a living being, but it is also used for social, political, institutional, etc. organizations or groupings. . .


A spiritual, philosophical, or religious condition that allows connection with a divinity and an elevation of the soul through revelations.


Discrimination on the basis of race. Rejection or liking of a person or group of people because of their ethnicity, and that can be extended to other anthropological characteristics.


The most radicalized Bolshevik current of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party led by the politician and revolutionary Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, known as Lenin.


It is said of the attitude of a fan ("fanatical fan of a sports team").


It is a plural of basiphobia, which is another graphic variant of basophobia ("fear of walking and falling").


Plural of batophobia ("fear of the deep").


Plural of scotophobia ("fear of the dark").


Plural of bogiphobia ("fear of imaginary beings that frighten").



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