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afecto afecta

See affection , verbs/affects , affect .

flexitariano flexitariana

See flexitarian .

brexitero brexitera

See Brexitero (Brexit supporter) .

archienemigo archienemiga

See arch-enemy.

furero furera

See furero ( by La Fura Dels Baus ) .

pornonativo pornonativa

Watch ( raised with access to pornography ).

gigante giganta

It can be a mistake by giant verbs/agiganta.

locandiero locandiera

In Italian there is locandiere ("posadero"), but I do not know if they castellanized it. In case of doubts, I do not link the nonsense of putting two words in the same query.


It is a graphical scheme to organize information based on nodes with ideas and concepts related by thought modalities. See supraordinary, isoordinary, infraordinary, exclusions ( mind-invoicing ) .


Carmen is another variant of the name Carmela. By etymology see Carmelo .


Carmela is the female version of the name Carmelo. Carmen is also used in Spanish. See La Carmela (hair dye).


It may be another spelling for cainán.


Another spelling for Enoch.


Another spelling for seucy.


1o_ Emir or Amir is a male name of Arabic origin. 2nd_ Noble title used by Arab chiefs, originally granted by the Umayyad caliphate to the governors in their territory (eighth century). Over time it has taken on military and religious value as well as noble. It came to our day from the Hispanic Arabic amir, in classical Arabic 1571; 1605; 1610; 1585; ( "boss" ), used in the caliphate of Cordoba (Spain).

luis x

Louis X is the name of several kings; like Louis, the Obstinate of France crowned in 1315, or the Duke of Bavaria who co-governed the kingdom with his brother in 1516.

terminos excluidos

See term , excluded .

numeros cardinales

See number , cardinal .

a alimom

It must be a mistake because of the alimon or alalimón.

guerra electronica

View War, Electronic, Electronic, Electronic Warfare.



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