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1º_ 'SHE' is the acronym used to identify the "European Hydrological System". 2º_ In English it is an acronym with more developments, and some are also found in texts in Spanish such as Health, Security and Environment ("Health, safety and environment") or Smart Home Energy ("Smart home energy"). 3º_ 'SHE' is the IATA code of Taoxian International Airport for the city of Shenyang (People's Republic of China).


1º_ It is an acronym for soft hyphen ("flexible hyphen"), a sign used in graphic composition that is placed in a word when it is too long to fit on a line or line and must be cut to continue on the next line. That hyphen indicates precisely that the word does not end there but continues below. It has other developments in English, such as Special High Yield, or in Finnish as Suomen Hitsausteknillinen Yhdistys ("Finnish Welding Technology Association"). 2nd_ 'SHY' is the IATA airport code for Ibadakuli Airport (Shinyanga Region, Tanzania).


It stands for the World Wildlife Fund [for Nature], a Conservationist and environmental NGO based in Switzerland.


1º_ As an acronym 'GPA' has several developments, p . and. 'Grupo de Prevención y Apoyo' or 'Gran Premio [automobile] de Argentina' (which is not an official name). In the U.S., it is more popular to use grade point average, which is also calculated in other parts of the world to obtain educational degree equivalencies. In France it is an acronym for surrogacy as Gestation Pour Autrui ("gestation for another"). 2nd_ 'GPA' is the IATA code for Araxos Airport (city of Patras, Greece).


1º_ Name of the number "2" , Also its quantity . 2º_ In English 'DOS' is the acronym of Disk Operating System ("Operating System on Disk" ), an old OS by command line for computer that served as the basis for others, more friendly to the user.


The acronym 'HMM' has several developments in English, such as Half Molecule Model, Hazardous Materials Management, Marine Medium Helicopter [Squadron], or the hidden Markov Model, although for this there is already a 'MOM'.


1º_ The acronym MED has many developments in English, from Micro-Enterprise Development ("Micro-Enterprise Development") to Male Erectile Dysfunction ("Male Erectile Dysfunction"), and is also an apocope of medical ("doctor, medicine"). 2º_ In Spanish there are no longer so many, some can be "Ministry of Economy and Development", or "Woman entrepreneur and manager". It is also used, as in other languages, to refer to the Mediterranean Sea and its region. See Med . ( abbreviation for medicine ) . 3º_ 'MED' is the IATA code for Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport (Medina, Saudi Arabia).


The acronym 'ISO' identifies the International Organization for Standardization, which standardizes and certifies systems and materials to match them worldwide. It is supposed to be an acronym for the English International Standard Organization, but the official name in that language is International Organization for Standardization; this created a legend about a Greek etymology from 953; 963; 959; 962; (isos "equal") which was never officially confirmed.


1º_ Nagó is an African ethnic group that lives mainly in Benin. In America, especially in Haiti, they installed their voodoo religion. See batuque , houngan . 2º_ It is also a pidgin language used in part of the Caribbean to speak among slaves of different African origins.


It is a way of calling any lingua franca, used by people who speak different languages but to communicate end up creating a phonetic combination of simple structures, with a disjointed grammar, imposed by the need to understand each other. There is a large number of pidgines, and they appear where two or more peoples with different languages are forced to live or trade.


Bury definitively, especially a deceased, by extension make a whole funeral ceremony. It is used figuratively for "ending an issue". It comes from an ancient meaning of the Latin sepelio ("to separate, to hide, to set aside") that later took on the meaning of "funeral funerals".


Burial, is used especially for the burial of a corpse. It comes from the Latin voice inhumare ("to put inside the earth"), formed by in ("inside") humus, i ("arable or passable land, clay").


1º_ Explosive device that detonates under given conditions. 2º_ Figuratively it is said of something or someone who makes a great impression at once, by analogy with the explosion. 3º_ Fluid impeller machine, in order to transfer them. 4º_ Ampoule, pomp . 5º_ Screen for lamps of domed shape. 6º_ Feminine of hype (in some senses).


It is a combustion, usually spontaneous, that produces flame and fire, but not explosion. See deflagration, and just in case also deflation.


'DXista' is not a well-constructed acronym for Spanish, since in our language the camelcase format is not used where uppercase and lowercase are mixed; but it appears as a neologism attaching the suffix -ista ("of occupation or trade") to the acronym DX ("distance, especially that which separates two radio amateurs"), as a shortwave radio operator communicating with others anywhere in the world. It is pronounced 'diexista', because it is taken from English.


He is the operator of radio equipment, mainly shortwave, whose hobby is to communicate with other radio amateurs around the world.


1º_ It is like the prefix an- of Greek origin, and is used when it is not followed by a vowel. 2º_ The Latin prefix 'a-' usually reaffirms the action in verbs or creates a derived form to distinguish a meaning.


It is a reduction of the prefix fisio- .


It is a Latin prefix for "meeting", "cooperation".


Prefix for English ("native of England") or relative to the Anglo people, their language or their culture.



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