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permanecer mudo

To remain silent: it is not to speak or to intervene in a conversation, it is to be quiet, not to say anything or to comment on the subject of which one speaks.

agua posada

Water Inn: It is the water that in a container is allowed to rest, to be still, so that little by little the products that are dissolved in it are held in the bottom and the water is transparent after a while.

rascarse bolsillo

Scratching your pocket: is making a payment, a disbursement of money that was not planned to be made.

ser chistoso

Be funny: It is said that it is talkative, sympathetic and always has a joke or anecdote on hand that illustrates and gracefully explains the issue that is being talked about.

al tuntún

To the tuntun: tells of the actions done sloppily, stupidly, without any attention or care, without regard to advantages or disadvantages, is also go stumble, tripping.


Pelotillear: It is said of praise, flattery and excessive amiability towards one person.

irse por los cerros de úbeda

Go for the hills of Ubeda: it is said when someone tries to tell or explain something and dilates your speech entering another issue that embarulla and bundles that tries to tell.

llegar en un periquete

Get in a snap: arrive at a time, in an instant, in a second, immediately.


Desentrampar is: escape from a trap, a trap, metaphorically is to pay all the debts.


Squash are: spread over a surface something that is soft, or falling from a considerable height, or who has received a sharp blow.


Merman: Verb time undermine and express the decrease of the number of objects that contains a container, the amount of water of a swamp when it evaporates, the demise of the objects that shrink, which are subject to wear.


Annoying you: is the feeling of displeasure displayed with too much sweet food, also is tiredness or boredom caused by people too loving or kind.

quedarse mudo

Staying silent: is run out of words. stunned, not knowing what to say, shocked, confused, etc. for something that can be heard or seen.


SAG: get off a person of a more or less high place sliding down a rope, drain of roof, wall, etc. also in figurative way is detached or separated from a group of people, an ideology, a business, etc.


Infatuated: It says in a pejorative way, that shows an attitude of surface and whimsical, self-willed, stubborn for a person or thing or enamoradiza.

poner de través

Put crosswise: put or do something so oblique, transverse, leaning, Crooked, diagonal.

echar la zarpa

Check the paw: is hand, claw, paw, catch, grabbing or grasping something abruptly, without delicacy.


Dents: Subsidence or buns on the surface of metal objects by striking them against something hard as a stone, soil, etc.

antonimo de cejar

Antonym of cejar: antonyms of cejar are not back, insist vehemently, with constancy, firmness, not to give up, move forward with determination, attacking the opponent. You may find it interesting to know that cease is back, forfeit, surrender, yield in an effort, in a discussion.

oste ni moste

Oste or moste: the expression is "there is no or no oste no moste" and means not to be anyone, anything, anything, be empty a place.



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