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se sabe

We know: is an expression that is used to indicate that the matter, which is being talked about, is known by all those present, and which does not require further explanation.

narcisista artificial

Narcissistic: Egocentric person, who sees all turning around himself, has no consideration for others, that only he is important, which has much need to be admired.

jugar con el anillo

Play with the ring: makes reference to the Act of making roll the ring around the finger, and also of remove it and put it, in situations of nervousness, or of way unconscious.

que significa zagalillo

It is a diminutive of zagal, which means young boy, as well as child.

peticion graciable

It is the request to a person or entity, by another person or entity, on a matter of legal, economical character, or any other aspect of daily life, which can be granted amusingly, i.e. without conform to any rule or principle, or made, exclusively, by the will of who gives it.

el mal habito de la subvocalizacion

Refers to the habit of mentally repeating the words as they are read, which makes reading more slowly than if they are not mentally repeated, and the words pass directly book to the eye, and the eye to the brain.


Shereen or Scheherazade is the name of the narrator of the stories of the thousand and one nights, with diverse actors, stories, and adventures, which entertains her husband avoiding so I send it to kill. It is also the title of a musical, classic work of Rimsky-Korsakov.

establecimiento de acuerdos

In economic, political, labor negotiations or otherwise, people who are negotiating expose their conditions, and when some of these conditions are accepted by all the negotiators, it is when it comes to the establishment of agreements.

echar los dientes

Expression used to say that are coming to the baby teeth.

que incluyen misterio o razón oculta

An expression that is used to explain that what he says or does a person, organization, Government of a country, or any other entity, hides a motive or reason on the subject that concerned, because that would not be well received by the public.

que significa babaje

Set of things, or luggage that a person takes when going from one place to another, or will travel.


It is the name given the layers of the Earth's crust when they fold in u-shape, or v, with the angle up and the part open down.

sala de audiencia

Room, location, room where a court is constituted and held trials.

ejemplo de escarnio

Public humiliation that makes a person, through ridicule or derision, that it serve as an example to others.

que significa desoyo

that means desoyo is incorrectly written and it should be written as "Disregarded." being its meaning: It did not take into consideration, ignored the Councils, to the information given by another person.


Split, cut, separate.



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