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a vida o muerte

Life or death: expresses the decision of a person reach a goal, exposing himself to dangers that may lose life, also expressed the determination of life-saving fighting dangerous situations.

darsela a uno con queso

Give it to one with cheese: is said when someone agrees to a business, in any case, and is deceived, but is unaware of the deception until a time has passed.

quitar hierro a algo

Remove iron something: is said when it reduces the tension of conflict, of a disagreement of a confrontation, and tempers calmed turning to negotiations with a more measured tone.

dialogo de sordos

Dialogue of the deaf: it is said in a conversation when one speaks of something that has nothing to do with the topic of the conversation, or question that you've had.


Cascorro: Someone plump, anything also woven, thick, tough, strong aspect especially wool, thick touch to make clothes for the cold like blankets, coats, etc. This meaning is given in traps ( Teruel )

no haber más quehablar

There be no more talk: it is said to indicate that everything you had to say already is saying, that the conversation is over, that there are no more negotiations.

verdad amarga

Bitter truth: it is said of those truths that we don't want to know, or hear, that we prefer to be hidden, because they make us know things that are unpleasant to us because we dislike, because they offend us.

trae de cabeza

Brings head: says of that much concern, which never ceases to think otherwise, that takes much time and not resolved.

mas muerto que vivo

More dead which live: said person that has gone through a trance in which your life has been a great danger, but it left him unharmed but with a big scare.

tener pajaritos en la cabeza

Having birds in the head: said person living fantasy regardless of reality, so their realities are only in your head.

estar mano sobre mano

Be hand over hand: it is to do nothing, said person that does not perform any physical or intellectual activity.

que es sonscamiento

Sonsacamiento: It is the art of getting a person have secret Affairs to base to ask persistent questions, which may be direct or indirect.

hablando en plata

Put it bluntly: it is said to emphasize that what is telling is the truth unadorned, is reality.


Trapalleiro looks like a Galician and Portuguese, Word that in Spanish is trapalero and it says liar, of the very talkative, which tells fanciful stories he believes them only.


Nice: So called the nervous system that controls body functions that are involuntary as the movement of the heart, the movement of food through the intestine, breathing, etc.

ver las orejas al lobo

See the Wolf ears: it is said when a determination is taken to begin to see the problem coming until this is irresolvable.


Presents: Is derived from the verb sense and indicates that something is can see, understand, see, also that something is can obtain, receive, collect.

trae el agua a su propio molino

Brings water to your own mill, it is also brings water to his mill. Both expressions is used to tell that a person uses, in its benefit, any situation and circumstance, that you serve, to get his goal.

a peso

Weight: indicates that something is valued, purchased, paid for his weight, not for its quality, not by its qualities.


Cabarete: It is the name given to cabaret in a vulgar way.



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