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Coelius: Go with very fast, very fast, carry lots of activity.


Furrufalla: A set of worthless, negligible, insignificant things, trifles, it is also said of the empty verbiage, empty, without substance.


Esmuir: Shred, grind, crush, majar, also extract or boot grain stem or leaves of the plants with the hands.


ataviose is incorrectly written, and should be written as Ataviose. being its meaning: Ataviose is a time of the word spruce is, it is aseose, arreglose, adornose, seryozha.


Hottie is an expression zafia, vulgar, just to refer to a woman pretty, attractive, Nice.

de actitud desmesurada o exagerada

Excessive or exaggerated attitude refers to the actions of a person or group that transcend the limits of the fair, reasonable, exceeding in its manifestations of immoderate, uncontrolled way.

esrar hasta la bandera

esrar until the flag is incorrectly written and should be written as being up to the flag. being its meaning: the expression is to be up to the flag. Be up to the flag it is said when a room, football field, bull ring, etc. It is so full that there is no one more.


subersion is incorrectly written, and should be written as Subversion. being its meaning: the right word is subversion. Subversion is the action and the effect of disturbing the peace in a country, a State, trying to destroy the Constitution and the laws, which are the foundations on which is based the rights, obligations and the coexistence of its citizens.


Prolix is said excessive care, dedications or attentions that are running something, is also too many explanations about a topic or theme producing some degree of discomfort, of heaviness, of boredom that listens.


Shoals is when something is this mixing with something else and is no longer one or another but has qualities of both of them, as when they begin to ripen the fruit and show several mixed colors, or cereals and show mixed with the golden green.

a viva fuerza, de poder a poder

Living force and power to power they mean different things. Living force is the use of brute force no subtleties, no delicacies to get something like overthrow a jammed door, climb a mountain, climb to the top of a tree, etc. Power power is the confrontation between two beings, man with man (boxing), man with animal (bullfighting), animal with animal (the mating season) to determine who of the two prevails over the other.

después del todo

After all, it expresses that which is said or shown below is a conclusion of the above previously in an explanation, a Conference, a debate, etc.


escuchinizado is incorrectly written, and should be written as Escuchimizado. being its meaning: Escuchinizado this badly written is escuchimizado. Escuchimizado is someone small, slim, skinny, little developed, sickly.

de medio d a para arriba

medium d a up is incorrectly written and should be written as of means up. being its meaning: the correct expression is way up. Middle up indicates that the values that you are driving, the taken into account are those who are half up, half to the most high.

helio (apolo)

Helium or Helios and Apollo, in Greek mythology, are names that meet the God of Sun, light, which regulated the time and seasons. Together with his sister Artemis ( Diana ) was protective of harmless animals. It was also the God of the arts, and the greatest icon of male beauty.

dar de lado

Give side: means to despise, making less a person, go to his side as if it were not, isolate it from the group, ignore it.

plugo es sinónimo de rogar?

He pleased: It is an ancient word disused and means to please, please, to another or whether same.

comulgar sobre ruedas de molino

Commune of mill-wheels: the correct expression is to commune with mill-wheels. It is said when someone wants to convince others of something amazing, something false.

a pleno pulmón

A full lung: expresses that someone screams, cries, breathes, with all your strength, with all the intensity that allows his lung.

a vida o muerte

Life or death: expresses the decision of a person reach a goal, exposing himself to dangers that may lose life, also expressed the determination of life-saving fighting dangerous situations.



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