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oste ni moste

Oste or moste: the expression is "there is no or no oste no moste" and means not to be anyone, anything, anything, be empty a place.

tener buenos modales

Having good manners: have good education, acting at all times correctly, courteously, with respect, sympathy, patience.

nos pusimos las botas

We got the boots: Express of any matter to which it relates was obtained or achieved much without effort, that ate much, which got lots of money easily, etc.


Char: Toast, burn or slightly scorch the clothes to the press with the hot iron, the meat on the barbecue by the excessive fire, hair dryer, etc. .

ir como un cerdo

Go like a pig: is go with dirt on clothes, the body, go unkempt, with spots, emit odor, take the saccharine hair, etc.

a colmado el vaso

a filled vessel writes: has filled the glass. He filled the glass: expresses that an argument, subject, event, business, etc. has it been exceeded on negative aspects to such an extent that it has broken the patience, serenity, grace, calm, temple, etc. the sparring opponent or competitor.


Convoluted: It is to do something devious, dark, rough, difficult to understand, analyze.


Cazarlascosasalvuelo: Each word must be separated from the others. Catch things on the fly: expresses that means everything to the first, with only an explanation, and sometimes without explanation.

haber perdido la cabeza

Having lost the head; It expresses have lost sanity, reason, common sense, the ability of reasoning, be how gone, not knowing who it is, be crazy.


Redirects: Change the direction of something in another sense, taking something another way.

la vida a cuestas

Life in tow: it is to live life as a weight on your back, and refers to how hard that is to live for people who only see the things of life, and do not know how to enjoy the good.

coche de línea

Car line: is the bus daily ranging from any town to the capital, and vice versa.


Cosmopaleto: Who wants to pose as a citizen of the world and which is the last in the ideas that are political, cultural, fashion, etc, but which makes the ridiculous because way to express their ideas is very ignorant and very superficial.

es importante señalar

It is important to note: is an expression that is used to emphasize or give importance to what has been said above, or is has said then.


Getting even: revenge, recover, achieve for itself a relief or satisfaction by the offense or evil suffered.

perder el seso

Lose the brains: refers to the brain, brains, and expresses loss of head, common sense, wisdom, common sense, caution and prudence, and act committing stupidity, foolishness, nonsense, nonsense.


Fired: Burned, stabbed, riddled, etc. It says figuratively of which has gone through many jobs and adversities, which has had many experiences, is very chastened and no one trusts anyone.

a tantos días vista

So many days view expressed that they spend many days until is done or happens something. If you replace per a figure is best understood: A seven-day view will come express bride that will last seven days the bride.

sentirse embargado por

Feel Lien by. . . not expressing why you feel attached, I deduciré that it is a feeling that has him as kidnapped, obsessed, full of absorbing thoughts and not allowing you to live calmly and relaxed.

no sirve

Does not work, if only refers to the verb used is equal is not acceptable, does not, can not be used, etc. because is broken, far, weakened, is big, small, etc.



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