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mal de amores

Discomfort and psychic suffering of restlessness, restlessness, sadness, frustration and anguish because of some disappointment, lack of loving correspondence, fear of losing the beloved or some similar situation. I listen with pleasure to the evil of loves of Queen Juana who sings our Alalumbre : Queen Juana is spinning / bet on the window / . He fell ill with love sickness/ . Who could heal her!/ . . . Take the flake, throw the spindle/ and start again/ . Doña Juana is very sad / . God knows why it will be


From the Spanish Arabic çaratán, crayfish. Breast cancer, whose international day is celebrated today October 19. Also in Castilla-León cordelería, workshop or place of sale of twin

cuando pitos flautas, cuando flautas pitos

Critical and festive poem by the culterano Luis de Góngora about the capricious character of fortune and destiny and how very often things happen in a very different way than we expect. "Gives goods Fortune/ that are not written/ : When you whistle flutes / , when flutes whistles / . How diverse paths / are usually followed / in the distribution / honors and haciendas! / To some gives encomiendas / to others sambenitos / . When you whistle flutes, when you flute whistles."


It is THE PET, polyethylene terephthalate that some colleagues have already talked about, a plastic material used in 3D printing, to which Glycol is added changing the chemical structure of the polymer and making it stronger, transparent and easy to handle.


Also gematria . Term derived from Hebrew: Hermeneutic system of Hebrew names and words of biblical texts, with a certain esoteric character associated with Kabbalah and based on the assignment of a numerical value to each sign of the alphabet.


Also isopsyphy. Of isos, igual and psephos, pebble, tejuelo that the Greeks used in the calculations. Technique transforming Greek words into numbers by adding the value of each alphabetic character. In this way with a number you could mention someone or something in a cryptic way. In Revelation, some say, John the Evangelist would allude to Nero with the number 666.

testis unus testis nullus

Legal locution: A single witness is worthless and more if he is an interested party. In the trial against Podemos deputy Alberto Fernandez, the supreme court has convicted him based on the testimony of a policeman who claims he was kicked by the deputy at a demonstration 6 years ago. This is part of the legal war (lawfare) against Podemos. Podemites are neither parasites nor lazy, as someone has said in our Dictionary, they simply reject privileges and therefore annoy those who have always had them.


From the Latin pruina, frost. It is a seedy and whitish coating of leaves, stems and fruits in some vegetables similar to the frost of winter mornings. Now that we are harvesting, we observe this mantle, similar to the fogging of a glass fresh from the freezer, on the skin of the grapes that protects them from the sun's rays, from the rain and from the attack of insects. In it also lie the yeasts that carry out the fermentation of the wine.

movimiento areolar

Areolar velocity, rotating movement of areas. According to Kepler's second law, the planets develop around the sun an areolar motion, that is, the line that joins each planet with the sun sweeps equal areas at equal times. So when the planet approaches the sun it accelerates its speed and when it moves away it slows it down. The law of universal gravitation was enunciated by Newton somewhat later.


As comrade John says, it is a newly created Anglicism, contraction of law, law and warfare, war. The term already began to be used in the last decades of the last century. Legal warfare, illegal use of justice for political purposes to destroy the opponent, to gain power or to stay in it. Of course, for this to happen it must be done in collusion with the judges themselves. This is what happened in Brazil with the imprisonment of Lula da Silva. This is what the right usually does almost everywhere when people wake up from their political anesthesia. Come! To wake up.

nodicia de kesos

Text on parchment that was written in ancient Asturian of the tenth century by the monk Semeno, despensero of the Monastery of The Saints Justo and Pastor of Rozuela near the city of León. It is an annotation about cheeses in the Romance language that began to distance itself from Latin in this area. The parchment is currently in the Cathedral Archive of León.

menda lerenda

Menda is a gypsy that would come from some case, perhaps the locative, (mande-mandi), of the pronoun me-man of first person in the caló or Iberian Roma. Lerenda is an emphatic and euphonic addition with rhyme in consonant. It designates the speaker and means the personal pronoun of the first person but in an indirect way, so when he makes the subject the verb goes in the third person. "This menda (I) is always willing." It can be accompanied by the article (the menda), or some adjective (this menda, mi menda, tu menda, su menda). It can also mean someone who is indeterminate or whose identity you don't want to clarify.


Unfortunate name of one of the anti-Covid drugs that some Pharmaceutical companies are apparently successfully developing in ferrets. The technical name of this antiviral is MK-4482/EIDD-2801. It is a ribonucleoside inhibitor that hinders the entry of the virus into cells by tricking it into the RNA copy. This pill and others like it that are being developed against Covid seems that they can definitely lead us to normality.

homo homini lupus

Latin locution of the Asinaria (comedy of the donkeys) of Plautus, comedy writer of the III-II century BC. of C . which would partially modify the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes in the seventeenth century. Lupus est homo homini ended in: Homo homini lupus: Man is a wolf to man. Expression of Hobbes' anthropological pessimism versus Rousseau's optimism.


Among the various meanings of this term I want to highlight this one that also points to a companion and is used in my land. It is the portion or flock of wool, linen, cotton or other similar textile material that is arranged in the spinning wheel to be spun with the spindle. In my childhood, Alistanas women spun wool and linen flakes on long winter nights while chatting.


Literary gibberish of some Hopscotch characters who hide their love affairs from the reader. Cortázar, its creator, takes some terms from the lunfardo, although most result from a musical phonetic with Spanish and Greco-Latin semantic roots. I see that some in the Dictionary call it gygic or gylic, but Cortázar himself in chapter 4 of Rayuela calls it glygic probably from the reduplication of the Greek root of glykys, sweet, pleasant as the glucose of the must of the Greek harvests.


Literary contest of black novel that has been held this year 21 in the castle of Fuensaldaña in Valladolid during these days of the summer of San Miguel, sponsored by the winery Cuatro Rayas. The binomial of literature and crime will be joined next year by the delicious wine of our Land of Flavor.


The suffix -idad serves us to create abstract nouns such as clarity or generosity. And although we will not find this term in dictionaries we could consider it as the abstract quality of being Leonese, now that some are determined to create Leonese autonomy.


Feminine of tachycardic, adjective of tachycardia, medical term of Greek origin: From tachys, fast, fast and kardia, heart. If the pulsations of our heart accelerate for no apparent reason it is a warning that something is not going. If the heart accelerates after an effort, then it is normal.

cantore al liuto

In Italian, lute singer, luttist singer, Italian renaissance musician continuing the medieval minstrels and troubadours, ancestral memory of Orpheus and his lyre. He sang always accompanied by a stringed instrument such as the lut.



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