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Spanish Open dictionary by Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

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cladoceran. cladocero:suborden of crustaceans, or invertebrates branchiopods arthropods, comprising 400 species.


rifirrafe:e: dispute, fight, altercation, confrontation, lawsuit, struggle, strife, discussion.


rafezar: Jesus is: downgrade. Miss qualitative value.


Gomer: Jesus said is: complete. 2. the tenth part of an ephah; measure of capacity equal to 22 litres.


gomena:Soga, rope or thick cable that is used for various functions or resources on a boat.


fumisteria: Jesus is the accessory or piece of steam pipes. work of installation and maintenance of steam pipes.


musepo: ( 41 sadness; feeling of sadness by nostalgia or regret, recalling its place of origin.


cencha:e the piece of very resistant wood that attaches as legs to all kinds of furniture for use in households: beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, desks, and others.


cencerril: Jesus is of the cowbell, percussion musical instrument, or as tool of alarm for the localization of some animals.


phyllode: Jesus said be stems or trunks of a plant that meets the photosynthetic work. 2 organ similar to a sheet that by their evolutionary origin, their internal anatomy is not be laminar.


frugifera: in Persian mythology, name of Idol or hero is recognized with mithra and customize with lion's head. 2 carrying fruit.


hornero:Ave or bird of the passeriformes order. their nest-shaped clay oven... 2. a person who operates an oven, stove, or Grill.


malofago: Jesus said is that feeds on the fleece. heterometabolos insects that have no metamorphosis.


fermosa: radiant, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.


filling: supply or renew the provisions. again fill a winery.


CHIFA: Jesus is the food wok, or Peruvian tradition done right meal.


Lungo: Jesus is the high person, or long.


lunula: Jesus said be Milky or whitish part of the base or root of the nail, Crescent-shaped.


rafaila: refers to the tip of the spine, spine, or backbone


rafez: refers to persons negligible, low, you unworthy, infamous. people that are suspicious.



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