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Spanish Open dictionary by Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

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isobaro: ( mismo-pesado ) Jesus said is of the different nuclei Atomic with the same number of mass ( to ) but different number Atomic ( z ).


molestation: Jesus is of the person who has not yet reached the reproductive capacity. 2. age that coincides with the start of her adolescence. 3. young man who has not fulfilled the age of 14.


petitioner: Jesus said be a demand or a legal, official or public request that someone requests.


helechal:Terreno of ferns. 2. Jesus said is of the entity subnational that gives autonomy of Government on certain rights of them themselves.


atochal:Terreno or populated with withes place; plant of the family of the Poaceae. espartizal.


macacoa:Estado of bitterness, melancholy, crash, gloom, decay.


haldeta: refers to each of the pieces hanging in a dress from the waist down.


chalequera: Jesus said is of the person that makes bodice. doublet, almilla, or vest.


embrochado: canvas, Brocade, or luxury very crowded of silk fabric. broaching.


readership: Jesus said is Professor, Professor Reader or leyente of languages. 2. first Ministry in the Catholic Liturgical worship.


zumillo:culebrilla, taragontia, dragontea. 2 plant arisarum vulgare, arum italicum, arum maculatum, whose root is extracted a juice consistency.


raicear: Jesus is root: do something lasting. take root.


clacote:Ciudad of mexico in the municipality of queretaro, near the capital of mexico, known as tlacote.


virescencia:e the uniqueness or abnormality is based on obtaining the green color in a plant organ that commonly does not possess it.


dialipetalo. dialipetalo: Jesus is the petals or independent, free, or separate Corollas.


Raible: refers to that can scratch or raer a surface. 2 filing, scratch, rub, scratch.


log: it concerns who should sign up or register to enter a certain place. 2 control access through identification.


dialisepalo. dialisepalo: Jesus said be sepals, or independent, free, or separate calyx.


rahali: name given to some farmers or villagers from the Arab tribes of Morocco. rehali.


ragadia or ragadia: refers to fail: resquebrar, crack, crack.



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