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Spanish Open dictionary by Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

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cuje:e a long stick that is used in the harvesting of tobacco. 2. long stem of a plant that has been removed the leaves.


craniometry: ( measure ). It is the measurement of the dimensions of the skeleton of the head or skull bone box.


dollimo: Squid, cuttlefish or mollusc small of water sweet, with shell of two parts or leaflets.


usable:util. that can be use. that is suitable to be used. likely to be used.


Cader: refers to break. devastate you. prostrate. grieve is. dismay is.


brachycephalic: ( small/short-head ). It is said is short or small skull in Antero-posterior sense, almost round head, or of equal diameter in length and width.


objectives: look for something that is not theirs. Register, search, review with great interest.


horconada:golpe given with the jib of the labrador. ( stick in the form of and )

q significa cacle

cacle: Jesus is the casual footwear. ordinary leather sandal.


cariucho: Jesus is the preparation or mixture of meat, potato and pepper crushed.


caseo: refers to the curd, or the almost cheese. 2. relative to the cheese.


Calon. Calon:e a round stick of a meter long that serves to support an extended network. 2. mast that measured the depths of a river, in a lake or a channel.


Ciani: ancient currency of gold equivalent to 100 aspros, or 25 real of fleece.


cheso:e a distinction or a variant of the Aragonese dialect spoken in the Valley of fact, province of huesca, Aragon, Spain.


plant. plant: ( study of plant ). 2-Botany: science that studies plants in its description, classification, distribution, identification, reproduction, Physiology, morphology and the medium in which they are.


camanchaca: mist, fog thick, compact and low or surface.


camalotal:Lugar covered aquatic plants or water hyacinths, on the banks of rivers and lakes. its flowers are of colours white, blue and purple.


camalero:matarife: person who works in slaughterhouses, and is dedicated to killing livestock for consumption.


CORION:membrana or wrap that covers the embryo of many mammals and form the placenta.


ulpo: ( in quechua means: flour dried ). thick drink made with wheat flour, milk, honey and toast. the ulpo is of Chilean origin.



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