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Spanish Open dictionary by Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

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carelessness: make reference to the behavior vulgar, or antisocial. lack of culture, lacking of good customs. bad servant.


infurtir: enfurtir: give blows to a fabric or a tissue with a madero, to clean it.


infringe: it refers to a person insensitive; that not you love, not is excited, not it gets excited, or it impresses nothing.


hypoglossal: said is of the area, or space that is located under the tongue.


Baroque social and cultural preciosismo:Movimiento that precedes the French classicism. 2. extreme and exaggerated refinement.


incola: refers to the inhabitant, citizen, resident, resident, or resident of a place.


exotic: exotic: rarity, extravagance, outsider, foreign.


laudanum: refers to the alcoholic tincture of opium, or drink made from white wine, saffron, clove, cinnamon and opium for medicinal purposes.


of the sly tunantada:Accion; of the skilled person to cheat. 2 rogue, Knave, rogue, scoundrel.


isiaco: refers to isis; Goddess Egyptian. 2. that belongs to the cult of isis.


Wild ibice:Cabra; bovid in the subfamily caprinae. they only exist in the mountain range of the Alps.


Salmerón. Salmeron: Jesus said be swaggering spike long and thick wheat variety.


icorosa: of icor: in Greek mythology, Jesus said be ore present or introduced in the blood of the gods.


incaler: ( be expedient ). need something. 2. what must inevitably happen. 3. obligation.


Iroquois: ( people of the long House 41. natives of North america; nomads of origin until the 17th century. today called Iroquois Confederacy.


invenir: Jesus said is of exhibit, reveal, show, discover, invent, undress, find, see, find.


inventacion: invent: create or modify a product that is not registered, or not previously known.


irunesa: refers to those born, or natives of irun. City and municipality in Guipúzcoa, Basque country, Spain.


isipula:erisipela: contagious, acute, diseases caused by streptococci, which affects the dermis.


Hilaire: Jesus said is description, review, or drawing in which they are photographed, or exposed groups of islands in an ocean, continent or nation.



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