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Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

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Institutions: it is the reason why there are institutions, or the reason for them. Example: What is instituted the national police. THE institutional framework is: to protect the life, honour and property of the Colombian population.

antonimo de ancestral

Antonyms of Ancestral:contemporaneidad, now, today.

diferencia entre quinta y huerta

Although fifth and Orchard are spaces of Earth, the differential meaning among them, is the extension of the land and its usefulness.Fifth is extensive and limited ground for exclusive use of recreation.Huerta is a bit extensive grounds, even smaller than the garden and its use is exclusive to crops.

significado de escritor tal cual lo expresa el diccionario de la real academia de la lengua

MEANING OF WRITER. AS IS THE DICTIONARY OF THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF THE SPANISH LANGUAGE EXPRESSES IT: AUTHOR OF WORKS WRITTEN OR PRINTED. ( Without more 41 appendices; SUGGESTION. Can I be sure that 80% of the Earth's population writes, and it should be you writer; It is written in all places and suitable environments or not It is written in colleges, universities and other places, and academic or non-academic commitments so require. I mean, that any commitment, similar or akin, does not compromise it with the writer property. Pure writer, presents some characteristics that differentiate it precisely of those who write. These characteristics with respect to a work are: the pure writer is: Don, solemnity, ideology, transmitter and receiver, encyclical, affectivity, String, harmony, and passion. . MEANING OF ESCRIBIDOREL DICTIONARY OF THE SPANISH LANGUAGE AS DEFINED: BAD WRITER. IN MY OPINION, THE CORRECT MEANING OF SCRIPTWRITER IS: WHO WRITES. OR SOMEONE WHO WRITES. ( Without being a pure writer ) BAD WRITER IS THAT OR THOSE WHOSE WRITINGS DISFIGURE OR DISTORT THE LANGUAGE; WITH inconsistencies, emotions, bad faith or deliberately, they decanted the solemnity, ideologies, sentiments and standard educating, teaching, that transcends. The bad writer can be defined: ESCRITURANTE


Cientificar: ( 41 scientia;Express the meaning of an idea with quality and clarity. Give art or colorful insight.

sapientisimas su

Sapientisimas: Plural. is the privilege that sublimates knowledge. Preeminence. Wisdom.


Outstanding cansiller:representacion of any object in the form of Crown or Halo


1.-MARANAL, TANGLE: are work LACATIVAS and complex of all nature, allowing a minimum of knowledge in the matter.


DESPREÑAR: Tómece the idea and perfeccionece: extract, move, separate.Out of an oppressive situation. The man is despreña of its moral behavior for breaking the law or rules of sanity.



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