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mamá ripio

MOM RIPIO in Dominican Republic : Woman of 30 years or more who is naughty with her gravel and is always willing to do everything in order not to look old and finished.


RIPIO in Dominican Republic : Penis , virile member

bel air

BEL AIR galicismos which means GOOD AIR. 2 . Elegant neighborhood in Los Angeles , California 3 . TV series in which a boy from Philadelphia moves to Bel-Air, where relatives belonging to high society live. 4 . Malice Mizer 5 song. Lana del Rey Song 6 . Chevrolet model between 1953 and 1975


CUIJINICUIL of the Nahuatl CUAJINICUIL, Nahuatlism of Cuauhicxinecuilli, "crooked foot tree". Guamo . MIMOSA-like legume


COINVENTOR inventor who has participated jointly with third parties in an invention. The prefix CO- stands for "in conjunction with another(s)"


PANBLANDO In Colombia : term derived from PAN BLANDITO , famous Colombian recipe of very fluffy bread


BOCACHANCLA In Spain: it is said of the person who has the habit of saying things that he should not tell, usually gossip about other people. It alludes to flip-flops, to having a very large mouth. BOCAZAS In Chile we call them mouth of jug, mouth of jar, snout, tongue of viper


ENSURE reflective form of the verb ASSURE . Take shelter . Be cautious . Acquire the security of something by some action.

comprador compulsivo

COMPULSIVE BUYER A person who has irrepressible impulses to buy when he is with the opportunity.


RETRAINING process of re-preparing in some discipline, either by forgetfulness, reinforcement or modernization of the subject to be treated


NAIL 1 . m . Gu , ES , Ni , CR , Cu . Nail, scratch made with the nail. 2 . m . Gu. colloquial , Theft , appropriation of something foreign


MATAPASIONES In Chile and Cuba: long, winter underpants, usually wool or cotton. Today there is a term and with designs that for their elegance could not be called that, although they correspond to the definition.

cañaveral carrizo

CAÑAVERAL CARRIZO in Venezuela Chewing tobacco paste that is placed inside a piece of cane. 2 . Reedbed near water areas made up of reeds, a tall, thin-stemmed herbaceous plant with flat, lanceolate leaves.


CHUPANDILLO []C]Cyrtocarpa proceraThe chupandío, chupandillo, cupandilla or coco de cerro is an endemic tree of Mexico. Its consumption is abundant in Oaxaca, Guerrero, Jalisco, Morelos and regions of Puebla, where the fruit is eaten fresh, canned and jam. Sauces and liqueurs are also made. It is common to find it where copal trees abound.


OGUEDEI third son of Genghis Khan and Borte.


ANOMO That suffers or performs actions that configure a state of ANOMIA 2 . In medicine person with difficulty finding the names of things. People with Alzheimer's become animous.


SUPERNATANT The upper liquid part resulting from the precipitation of a component of an aqueous solution. The lower component is the PRECIPITATE


MOROGUEIRO Portuguese name of a set of rosaceas, which in Spanish are called strawberry, strawberry and the like.


XEBOPHOBIC spelling error by XENOPHOBIC, suffering from XENOPHOBIA


RECONTRA too much, too



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