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Softening, softening


Disorder, confuse, stir


In the area of Iparralde it is said txit instead of bear that is said in batua.


Annoying, annoying, disgusting


adopted uncle


New trend or movement from Sweden which basically consists of practicing eco-friendly running, or what is the same, go jogging with a garbage bag and gather objects, debris, papers etc that you go finding the runner down the street or the environment where practice exercise, then deposit them in the corresponding places of recycling. It is one further step to help keep our ecosystem and environment as clean as possible, which could be extended to go walking for example that it may be even easier to undertake this ecological practice.


Incorrectly written being correct "ugliness", i.e., finished in "d" and not "z". Term used to define that which is ugly, little flattering or graceful in reference to objects, animals or people.

espacio habitacional

It is not common to use that formula consisting of both words (residential area), but that we normally refer to existing and living spaces of a House as rooms, which is the home living.


Spanish version of the Anglo-Saxon word, " sex appeal " referring to the sexual attractiveness of a person. It is the power of physical and sexual attraction he feels one person towards another.


It is the word that defines the shape of love beyond the genre of people. Who is pansexual wants or feels attracted to the person, regardless of their gender. It is a formula romantic love freely and openly to the person regardless of if it is of the same sex, opposite or transsexual. It is not recognised by the SAR.


This term refers to a type of fabric or fabric which in the 70 and 80s was very much, especially in trousers, diminishing their use in subsequent decades and resurfacing with force in 2017. It is sheltered and in winter is grateful to have corduroy clothing because they are warm.


Incorrectly written because it is " treggings ". It consists of a new type of garment, mixture of leggings and pants. Hence precisely its name, from the union of the English word " trousers " It means pants with leggings. They are sold in the shops of HyM. They like them because they are comfortable as leggings but appear to normal pants, and be more dresses.


This word is not collected by the Royal Academy of the language Spanish, being it lessor or lessee. Both figures represent the parties involved in a lease of any kind. The lessor is who owns the well that it leases and tenant is who pays for the lease and enjoy the good under the agreed conditions. Arrendante is a word used in other Spanish speaking countries and I think that it will mean the same as lessor.


It is a concept that refers to the happiness of the Danes. It is the term that this movement originated in Denmark, the country with more happy people in the world, is known as he says. Despite being a country with rain, cold, with little sun, the Danes are the happiest and do so because they put into practice the hygge, which consists of enjoying the small and pleasant moments of life, simple and easy, without fanfare or expensive, as for example, watch a movie on the couch at home taking a cup of tea or coffee with a blanket play family board games, etc.


There is this word, wanting to have meant " purification " meaning refers to the action of purifying, cleaned of bad vibes, or negative energies.


It is the art of the cocktail, i.e. the art of making cocktails, specialty drinks created with mixtures of liqueurs. It is a term that, in Spain, is not recognized by the Royal Academy of the language, being used in countries such as Mexico.


In Argentina, is a word used to define who has no work or studies, who is an uneducated person. It is feminine, Croton masculine being.


It's a man in Spanish, with Greek origin, name whose meaning is guardian, watchful. Feminine, is Gregoria. It is not a name that gets the children of Spain, nowadays. It falls within the set of older names that were put by tradition to the call that parents or grandparents or mothers and grandmothers in the last century, especially in the first half of the same. Much more can be heard that name among the elderly.

precisión léxica

Precision means realization of something that joined the lexical Word, comes to refer to when we say the exact words for the specific time or the perfect phrase. Sometimes, gets much the leg with what is said and does not match with the words coming to emit unwanted erroneous messages, so we must think before you speak to avoid unnecessary and uncomfortable situations.


It's painting with the fingers of the hand, in particular, with the tips of them. Typically, children make it age of child care or child, since they have not developed the fine motor skills and therefore do not employ skilfully brushes or other tools that are used to paint but hands to experience, feel, discover and certainly spend it brilliant staining is used.



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