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The term guatita refers to a typical dish of Ecuadorian cuisine, it is a kind of stew made from small pieces of beef stomach, potatoes (potatoes) among other ingredients, this goes in a peanut sauce . He is usually accompanied by rice and avocado.

de frente mar

Abbreviated sentence of : "Front march" . In Ecuadorian educational and military institutions, civic-military parades use the phrase : " seafront . . . " to indicate that the forward gear movement should be undertaken. This order is given in a parade of educational institutions by the authority that directs it and in military parades, by the rank officer at the helm.


In Ecuadorian mountain range, particularly in the province of Pichincha (I do not know if in the other provinces it is found) there is a tree of not very large proportions called Chinchin has a particular aroma, of yellow flowers, its seeds are in a pod that when dried when shaken produce a sound somewhat like a rattlesnake. I then deduce that the place populated by bedbugs is called chinchinal.



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