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Meaning of chinchinal

Rodrigo Caiza


In Ecuadorian mountain range, particularly in the province of Pichincha (I do not know if in the other provinces it is found) there is a tree of not very large proportions called Chinchin has a particular aroma, of yellow flowers, its seeds are in a pod that when dried when shaken produce a sound somewhat like a rattlesnake. I then deduce that the place populated by bedbugs is called chinchinal.


Felipe Lorenzo del Río

They are two cities of Ecuador and Peru in Latin America. A word of ready to the Northwest of the province of Zamora, which has some phonetic similarity with this is " 34 machinal; It is the square hole that is in the stone walls after removing the scaffolding of wood to make them. In these holes tend to do their nest tits then.


Jimeno Álvarez

Chinchinal (Chinchinal ) It is a / a populated place ( class P - place town ) in Imbabura province 40, 41 Imbabura, Ecuador (South America ) with a code of Americas/Western Europe region. It lies at an altitude of 1,566 meters above the sea level.





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