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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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A person who is part of a criminal gang, or a political side or party. In Colombia, a group of people who consider themselves despicable and vulgar. It means crowd, crowd, mob, plebs, mass, vulgo, horde. It was also the name that was given long ago to a type of guerrillas or bandits in Colombia. It also means gang member, criminal, criminal, bandit.


In Colombia fugitive, a criminal who is part of a gang and who commits many crimes. Outlaw, criminal, evildoer, robber, bandit, facineroso, criminal. thief.


Person who acts against the law and the established norms. person who commits crimes. Delinquent, transgressor, ruffian, thug, assailant, outlaw, malandrín, rogue, bandit, evildoer.


Group of people who are engaged in crime. Persons acting against the law and established norms. People who commit crimes. Criminals, transgressors, ruffians, thugs, assailants, outlaws, thugs, scoundrels, bandits, evildoers.


It means silly, pendejada. Act carried out by the majadero. Foolishness, the work of the fool. made without relevance or value. Folly.


A person without judgment is called foolish, who says incoherent things and without reason. Mequetrefe, foolish, stupid, idiotic, unconscious, inconsistent, badulaque, majadero. It is also in some parts crazy, foolish, reckless, foolish, soggy, crazy, crazy.


It means illogical, crazy, foolish, crazy. It refers to something that lacks judgment or sanity. Absurd, crazy, eccentric. Shaved, bald, allopecic.


It goes outside of judgment and reason. Crazy, crazy, illogical, crazy, foolish, foolish.


Ignorance of a culture to which it is integrating. The process by which a person acquires a culture that they do not know and to which they are integrating. Acceptance of a new rules that were unknown to him.


It is a process of learning from each other from different cultures or different peoples from different cultures who are in permanent contact. It is a process of harmonization between different cultures that are in contact. For the Catholic Church, a process of evangelization mixed with elements of American or African cultures. Process of adaptation between different cultures.


Abkhaz can also be used. It means natural of the "Land of Mortals". It is the name of the native of a territory located in the southwest of the Caucasus and that calls itself independent, with Sukhumi as its capital. It is recognized as a country by only five nations (Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Neuru). It is considered an Autonomous Republic by Georgia (to which it belongs) and is thus recognized by the rest of the International Community.


Hard, porous outer layer of phytoplankton or diatom algae. Outer layer of teak. Its basic constitution is silica.


It is the same as mojino or mojí. It means black, jet, very dark in color (it is derogatory) . In Ecuador it means hypocrite, liar, trickster. It is also the name of a curd cake. It is made in a casserole and its main ingredients are breadcrumbs, cheese, eggplant and honey. Other ingredients can be added to it. The word has an Arabic origin, as does the preparation.


It is also called zic or zik, Ziguamonte, zihuamonte or zihuamut, zedenchó. It is the name of a typical dish of Chiapas, in Mexico. It is the name of a stew or cooked venison or beef, with tomato, guajillo chili, onion, holy herb, garlic and epazote.


It means lack or decrease of oxygen in the cells. It means lack of oxygen for proper breathing.


It means internal communication apparatus, which can be inside the same building or in an airplane. Internal intercom, internal telephone or cytophone.


It is an intercom system or apparatus within the same building or closed telephone circuit. Intercom that exists between the gate of a building and each of the apartments.


It is an Anglicism. In Spanish you can use aquaplanaje or aquaplanaje. It is the uncontrolled displacement or slippage of a vehicle (or its landing gear), over an existing layer of water on a runway or track, usually asphalted.


The name of an island and a country (state) of Micronesia. Name of the language spoken on that island. Its capital is Yaren.


State or territory whose regent is a Monarch. Government of the Monarch, Government of a Prince who assumes by inheritance, election or designation. Government that takes place between nobles or descendants who belong to the nobility.



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