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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It is more to disable basonym . In botany it is the base name or first scientific name that is assigned to a certain plant species. Base name, first taxonomic name. In zoology, the terProtonimus or original combination is used.


A retronym is a term that has had to be modified, complemented or updated in our language, to be more precise, due to scientific progress or development of some implement or device. Confusion is avoided.


Surname of Spanish origin. Surname of a great Colombian sculptor and writer, whose full name was Rodrigo Arenas Betancur. In Colombia it is the name of a volcano of the Cordillera Central (Nevado del Ruíz). Plural of sand, which is a disintegrated mineral material, consisting of small grains of rock resulting from the rubbing and tapping of rolling stock. It is usually found on beaches, deserts and riverbanks. On the sea beaches they are the result of coral fractionation. An arena can also be a space to practice bullfighting or a closed and large area to hold sporting events with the presence of a large public.


It is one of the abbreviations used for Great Britain. British or British. Name given to an asteroid 1071. Name of a German company specialized in manufacturing water filters. Name of the stadium of Wiesbaden, Germany (Brita-Arena). It is home to third division team SV Wehen Wiesbaden. It was inaugurated on October 11, 2007.


It is a condition of binocular vision in which there is a relative difference in size and/or shape between the images that form on the retina. Difference in the image that forms in each eye.


Acts performed by witches or sorcerers. Sorcery, potion, brew, drink. Type of beliefs and rituals practiced by witches or witches. Name of several songs by various performers (Shaquira, Son de Sol and Grupo de Deathgrind, among others). Name of a film directed by Christopher Murray (2023).


Drink, drink of bad taste, unpleasant taste or tasteless. Preparation made of llervas, usually bitter. Menjunce, potion . Concoction.


It refers to an infusion of herbs (herbs), preparation of herbs or vegetable juices. Prepared that makes take a witch . It is usually bitter or unpleasant in taste. Chalk, concoction, concoction, drink.


It refers to an infusion of herbs (herbs), preparation of herbs or vegetable juices. Prepared that makes take a witch . Chalk, concoction, concoction, drink.

que es bursopatia

In Medicine it is the condition of a patient suffering from an inflammation of the bursa or synovial sac, which is a sac-shaped structure that acts as a pad between the soft parts of the joints (muscles, tendons and skin) and the hardest parts, the bony ones. Bursitis.


It is a type of tool used especially by carpenters. It consists of a metal plate with edge (especially it can be steel) and a handle. It serves to rough, smooth or hollow wood. Type of short-handled axe.

mauna kea

In Hawaiian language, it means White Mountain. It is a dormant volcano in Hawaii. Although it is 4200 meters high it is considered the highest mountain in the world if measured from its base, it would measure 10. 000 meters, which surpasses Everest.


It is one of the common names of a marine anseriform bird. Goose. Baby goose . It belongs to the family Anatidae.


Diminutive of stick, Small stick. In various parts of Colombia and Venezuela it means drink, liquor, liquor cup, aguardiente (drink). In Colombia also stick wants good way, good strategy or custom, to achieve the objectives. Suitable method .

rapa nui

Name of colonizing ethnicity in Polynesia. Language spoken by this same people. Name in native language of Easter Island that belongs to Chile. It means Big Island.

machu picchu

In Quechua language it means Monte Viejo or Old Mountain. Name of a Peruvian archaeological site, declared historical heritage of humanity. Name of a Peruvian city, also called Aguas Calientes, in the Province of Urubamba. Name of a mountain in the Peruvian Andes, which is part of the Salcantay massif, in Cuzco, Peru. Name given to an asteroid 8277. It was initially designated 1991 GV8 by astronomers. Name of a song by Camilo and Evaluna Montaner. Name of Peruvian Scientific Base of Antarctica.


Name of a Pacific Archipelago, which since 1959 is a State of the Union (United States). They were formerly known as the Sandwich Islands. Name of the largest of the islands of this same archipelago. Name of a locality in Anjaw District, Arunachal Pradesh state, India. Name of a song by Maluma.


It is a very common form of greeting and farewell in Hawaii. It means hello or goodbye or also affection, love, good. It is an indicator of respect and friendship. Name of a song by Maluma.


In medicine it is a pharmaceutical preparation that is based on a mixture of wax and oil. Unlike the ointment it has no resins. It is used in Ayurvedic or naturopathic medicine. Ceratostigma . In botany it is one of the common names of a plant in the family Plumbaginaceae. It is also a genus of plants in this family and are called plumbagos. They are herbaceous of medicinal uses.


Derogatory form to refer to a group of people, collective, group. It can be considered synonymous with gang (group of thugs), gang.



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