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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It's a pulling inflection. It means pulling, dragging, attracting (usually something tied with a rope). Pull. In some Central American countries it may mean working, doing, having sex or getting drunk. In Colombia colloquially it means smoking marijuana.


Also called Barnumbir. It is the name of a goddess of Yolngu culture in Australia. It represents Venus and announces the light of day. Aurora, sunrise.


It is the plural and diminutive of vara. Implement that uses magicians in tricks of illusionism : magic wands. Colloquially in Colombia, land of small extent .


It means incriminating yourself, blaming yourself, attributing yourself, taking responsibility. Take responsibility or blame for something bad that happened.


Action and effect of apelotonar or apelotonar . Let balls or balls form. It is the formation of lumps or malts in a solution. Appeals, pluggings. It can mean stacking, stacking, compactions. In Colombia in a colloquial way apelotonar it means to be afraid, to cower, to feel fear. Fears.


It is more indicated vusté, with v . Common way of peasants say you, in some areas of Colombia (especially in the Coffee Axis). Buste, without tilde, is the name of a municipality in Spain, in the Province of Zaragoza.


In Costa Rica it means guagipal, babilla, baba, glasses alligator.


In Costa Rica, it is another common name that gives the chin, slime or alligator glasses. Cachirre.


Plural of Zalama . It means elevated mountains, summits. Zalama is the name of the highest peak of the Ordunte Mountains between the provinces of Biscay and Burgos in Spain.


The correct term is encomienda ( missing an n ). You mean custom, shipping, remittance. Goods that are sent by mail service or transportation. It can also mean command, recommendation, order, request, request.


It means hardening, getting solid. Compacted. Acquire firmness.


In Colombia thick blankets, thick blankets. Plural quilt .


It is the name of an indigenous dance in Veracruz, Mexico. It is also called the bull dance, In Mexico is the name of a song and a musical group in Veracruz.

ir sobrio

It means awake, without taking. Teetotaller.

lío de faldas

It means problems with women, clandestine affairs.


In Botany is the sheath or dried cover of legume fruits. Dried dehiscent fruit Dehiscent capsule . By extension legume, legume . Siliqua (with q ) was the name of an ancient currency of Rome, is the name of a population in Sardinia and also the epithet of the scientific name of a carob class ( Ceratonia siliqua). It is also the genus of a class of marine molluscs.


It is the name of a futsal team of El Ferrol, in Spain. The Galician language means duck, anade. It is also one of the common names of a duck class.


It's a bollard inflection. It means embobar, stun.


It means soponcio, fainting, vahyde. Passing loss of consciousness, usually caused by a strong impression. Fading, dizziness, weakness, discouragement.


It's a check-in flea to check. It means reviewing, looking, observing, examining. Examined, revised, analyzed.



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