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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means that it attracts, that fascinates, that obfuscates, that captivates. Which causes an unusual attraction.


Judgment of God. Proof to which the accused were subjected in the Middle Ages to know their guilt or innocence (mourning, hot iron, fire).


Person who is dedicated to the production of guarapo. Also in Colombia is who consumes guarapo . Beodo, drunk. alcoholic.


A person who believes he knows all subjects, without really being one.


It means protection, support, shelter, shelter, help, safeguarding. It is a woman's name of Latin origin and means the one who protects. the one that helps.


It means snub, disdain. Action and effect of despising, which means belittling, dismissing, underestimating. It can also mean offense, humiliation, discredit, defamation, tort.


It means soil or lower part. Action and effect of stepping . Each of the levels or platforms of a building. In some countries it also means apartment.


Card game. A group of items or objects from which you can choose or select one. Shuffle inflection which means to choose, select, choose.


I mean relative to the metropolis or the big city. Popular name given to the Barranquilla Stadium (Roberto Meléndez). Name of the second stadium in Bogotá, also called Metropolitano de Techo.


It can mean thing, object . Also any health deficiency, evil, discomfort, patatus, ailment. Discomfort, indisposition, disturbance of health.


It is a toxic substance present in many plants, especially in grasses or plants of the Poaceae family. It is the name of an indole alkaloid, which when synthesized produces tryptophan. It can be degraded by the action of bacteria.


Positioning, fastening, localization or support device, at the beginning, during or after the operation of assembly, machining or other industrial process. It is an English language term. Translate device, accessory, program, schedule, date set.


Name of a Greek philosopher, disciple of Plato. He was born in Estagira in 384 BC. C . He was the teacher of Alexander the Great. Along with Plato they are considered the fathers of Western philosophy and thought.


Surname of Spanish origin. Surname of a Bolivian singer named Miguel Hugo Orias Paredes (he is better known as MIguel Orías). Name of a lion-shaped demon riding on a very powerful equine. Its function is to teach about the virtues of stars and planets. It is also called Oriax. In Europe it is the name of the Single Register of Intermediaries in Insurance, Banking and Finance. It was approved by a 2002 European Union directive and has operated under the supervision of the Treasury Department since 2007.


Name given in Mongolia to the Brown Bear of the Gobi, scientific name Ursus arctos gobiensis. It belongs to the family Ursidae. It is in serious danger of extinction. Approximately 30 specimens remain. Name of a nanosatellite that launched Mongolia on the SpaceX CRS-11 mission. He did research on cosmic radiation. Name of a star in the constellation Ursa Major. Name of a football team from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.


Violent and repressive action typical of the fascists. Action promoted by a dictator.


In Colombia it is the name given to a person who has many moles, especially on the face.

maca maca

Maca is the name of a plant in the family Brassicaceae, scientifically named Lepidium meyenii. It is native to the Peruvian Andes. receives other names such as: maca , maino , ayak chichira , ayak willku . It has nutritional and medicinal properties.


In southern Colombia and Ecuador it is the name given to a roasted barley flour. It comes from the Quechua word Machka. Pinol . It is also the name of a color.


In Colombia and Ecuador it means lover, person who has sex in a sneaky way. It is also called alligator.



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