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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It is a word in the English language meaning twin or twin. It is the name of a car model manufactured by the French company Renault. Small family car.


It means native of Peru, a South American country, whose capital is Lima. Concerning Peru .


It is the name of a tree plant and its fruits. It is also called quince. Its scientific name is Cydonia oblonga and it belongs to the Rosaceae family.


It means that it is related to several states. It is also the name of roads or highways that connect various states.


It means that it is from Compostela (Santiago de Compostela, city of Spain) or that it is related to it.


It's a vulgar way of referring to young children. Infants, toddlers. Plural of cagon. It is also a way of referring to the offspring of various types of animals, especially baby birds.


It means sad, melancholy, downcast, gloomy. It also means silent, quiet, reserved, withdrawn. Grief-stricken.


It means that he is a native of Haiti, a Caribbean country.


Blow that is given in the neck with the palm of the hand. Relative to the neck or placed on it.


Name given to the oil that is extracted from the Higuerilla. It is also one of the common names of a shrubby plant of the Euphorbiaceae family, of oily seeds and which also receives the names of beaver, fig, fig, tartar or mosquito net. Its scientific name is Ricinus communis. Its seeds are toxic.


Megaira or Megagara was the name of Hercules' first wife. It means "The Jealous", "The Jealousy". She was the eldest daughter of Creon, king of Thebes. Name of one of the Erinyes, infernal goddesses of punishment and divine vengeance. Name of an asteroid (464).

cocos nucifera

It is the scientific name of the coconut palm or coconut palm and its fruit. Latin terms mean that he carries nuts, that he has nuts.


It looks like an eye, which is shaped like an eye. It also means relative to the eye. Name given to any opening that is made in a dress, which is elongated and topped with seams at the ends and in which a button is inserted or fastened.


It may mean eating little or in a smaller amount than necessary. It can also mean eating horse meat.


Plural of threatening. It means that it infuses or generates threat. Disturbing, challenging, malignant, awkward.


Plural of tartar. It is one of the common names given to a plant of the genus Ricinus also known as castors or fig trees).


It is one of the common names given to a tree from the Caribbean Basin and the Amazon, which is also known as guapinol, copinol, cuapinol, curbaril? Jatoba or Jatobá, Jatayva in Guarani, Paquió, or Algarrobo. Its scientific name is Hymenaea courbaril. It belongs to the Fabaceae family,


In Colombia it is the name of an indigenous people of the Amazon basin, especially settled in the Departments of Vaupés and Amazonas. It is also called Kakua. Surname of a Colombian professor and historian, whose full name is Antonio Cacua Prada. Professor Cacua was born in San Andrés.


It means vulgar, rude, coarse or ordinary language. It is also a way of calling the dividivi, which is known as ababán, ? gall, garrobilla , ? lividivi , ? cascalote , guaracabuya , guatapanal , huatapana , nacascolo or tara del Caribe . Its scientific name is Caesalpinia coriaria and it belongs to the Fabaceae family. Name given to an ancient indigenous tribe of Ecuador.


Plural of chimango . It is one of the common names of a species of falcon. Also known as milvago , tiuque , ?? Chiuque , Triuque or Caracara Chimango , Caracara . Its scientific name is Milvago chimango or Phalcoboenus chimango. It belongs to the Falconidae family. There is a belief that their song announces rains to the peasant. Also in M'exico is a type of frying that is made with wheat flour and eggs, sweet and cinnamon.



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