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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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Intimate garments of people. Underpants, shorts, underpants. Plural interior. Internal part of a house, office or building. Furnished and accessories of offices or homes. They are inside, they are from the inside.


It is the way to call a message read, copied and forwarded on the social network Twitter. Not to be confused with tweeter, which is a kind of speaker.


I mean no color, discoloration, loss of color or pigmentation. White spots of the skin, which appear due to lack of some vitamins in old age.


Person who owns or runs a restaurant. A person who is engaged in the business in food sales establishments.


It means they reflect the light. Materials that have the quality of reflecting light, in low luminosity conditions. It is a class of warnings that are made with materials of a special technology called retroreflection, which allows to perceive its contents when there is low luminosity. They are materials that glow in the dark when they have contact with light. Reflective Plural .


Relative to rhizomes or roots. It is a pedagogical model suggested by the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, especially for university education, which they propose should be open and flexible and complementary. The term originates from botany and refers to the, as the roots must grow, take root (anchor) and propagate in all directions freely.


Plural lymphocyte. They are a type of immune cells in the body. They are a class of white blood cells that are part of the immune system. They are found in the blood and also in the lymphatic system. Its main function is the generation of antibodies. They develop in the thymus and bone marrow.


It means choking, shortness of breath, shortness of breath. It is a term used in Medicine. It can have many origins, ranging from very tight clothing, heart problems, lung problems or the height of the terrain above sea level.


It was the Roman name of Lleida, which officially in Catalan is Lleida. It was the ancient name of Lleida. Name of a battle between the army of Julius Caesar and that of Pompello the Great, in the year 49, during the civil war.


Seal of steppe and tar that covers the gaps in the hulls of the boats. Plug. It is also the name of a edible berry shrub, which belongs to the genus Berberis and the family Berberidaceae. They are also called mechay or michay. There are 4 species and it is native to Chile and Argentina.


In Chile and Argentina, it is the name of a edible berry shrub, which belongs to the genus Berberis and the family Berberidaceae. They are also called mechay or michay. There are 4 species. It is also called mechay or calafate.


In Chile and Argentina, it is the name of a edible berry shrub, which belongs to the genus Berberis and the family Berberidaceae. They are also called calafate or michay. There are 4 species. It is also so called a variety of potato.


It means saving, saving, reducing the amount that is used or spent of something. Keep, book, take care.


It is one of the common and popular names of a mushroom or edible mushroom. It is also known by the names mujardón, mushroom of St. George, uson, ison or lotardón. They are very apeecido in Iberian gastronomy.


It's the name of a biopolymer. It is also called chitosan (coraza ). It is used as a fungicide. It is extracted from the chitin of some crustaceans. It also has medicinal uses.


It means cut, split, cercen, section, separate. In Physics is the action of bombarding the atomic nucleus with neutrons and is done to release energy.


It means that it describes in detail the passion. Title given to Ada Miller or Corín Tellado.


It's a term in Anatomy and Medicine. It means relative to acromion (which in turn means upper shoulder part). Related to acromion, which is the protruding part of the omopleplete or scapula and that articulates with the collarbone. It can also be used in this regard, the term Achroman. Which concerns acromion.


It means crying, whimpering. crying, llanthin, whining. moaning, lament, complaint. It is a turning of crying, which means shedding ñágrimas for something, mourning or whining. Cry, moan, snug. In Colombia Lloró, as well with tilde, is the name of a municipality of the Department of Chocó.


It is a surname of Italian origin. Last name of a great Argentine scientist, dedicated to Physics and Astronomy. Its full name was Ramón Enrique Gaviola . Gaviola (or gabiola), is another of the names given to soursop (tree and fruits), especially in Bolivia. It is also called graviola, paw, Brazilian paw, catuche, guanaba, head black, yaca, sagua-sagua. Its scientific name is Annona muricatan and belongs to the family Annonaceae. It has medicinal uses and they say it cures various types of cancer.



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