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Spanish Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It comes from Hellas or Hellas (ancient Greece). Male name variant of Helen (which also means torch, tea, the one who shines or illuminates). Stage name of an Argentine singer, whose real name is Miguel Angel Espinoza. Name of Brazilian footballer . His full name was Heleno de Freitas. He was nicknamed The Cursed Prince.


Day of the Moon, name of the first working day of the week. Monday.


It means galaxy. A star system or ensemble made up of stars and groups of stars and planets, constellations, or planetary systems.


You want to meet , meet, sit. It can also mean interview or date.


It's an English word that translates cookie. It can also mean crunchy, splitting or fracturing, breaking or breaking. Nickname of white Southerners in the United States.


It is an English language word meaning coconut or coconut palm.


It is a word from the English language that means cup, cup, bowl.


A person who makes or sells ice cream. In Colombia it means very cold place, páramo.


The name given to the roe of various fish and crustaceans, such as shrimp and crab. Hatched roe.


Ridiculous person. Silly, silly, asshole.


In Lesotho it is the grouping of villagers to carry out community work. It is essentially performed by men.


A person who was captured and enslaved by the Tatars, who usually belonged to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russia, who suffered a series of invasions and plunders.


It means big, giant, or huge. It is a type of Boeing aircraft, equivalent to the 747 or widened cockpit aircraft. Famous elephant from children's cartoons. In Colombia, chain of stores and supermarkets.


It is a term of the French language. It's pronounced Pualet. It is a type of pickaxe used by climbers and mountaineers.


Belonging to or relating to Senegal , the African country . People born in Senegal . Native or native of Senegal.


Love or attachment to the customs and traditions of the Canary Islands. Own voices, words or linguistic uses of the Canary Islands, regionalism of these islands.


The Canary Islands is a way of referring to foreigners or tourists. Visitors. Chone or guiri is also used. Urban tribe in the mainly female version as opposed to the canis or bacalas in the male version. Woman with a defined style in her wardrobe.


In the popular language of the Spanish it is a term used to refer to visitors, tourists or foreigners. The terms choni or chone are used in the Canary Islands. In Colombia, the llaneros call a migratory duck guate y guiri or guiriri.


A container made of grids or fabric, which has different shapes and uses and is also made of various materials. Banasto, basket . Scoring in the sport of basketball. Basket.


Name of a star in the constellation Argos. Name of a Greek mythological character, who was a Spartan, originally from Amyclas and was the helmsman of Menelaus. Kah Nub, Canopus or Canope, in ancient Egyptian, meant soil of gold, land of gold. Named after ancient Egyptian port in the Nile Delta. Name of Decree in limestone, issued by Ptolemy III Ergetes, in 237 BC. c . and is housed in the Cairo Museum. In the Canary Islands it is the name of a large rubber container with handles, in the shape of a basket.



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