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"Fugarse" is a Spanish reflexive verb:To flee, to run away, to escape.
Antonyms of fugarse are  to remain to stay (in situations where running away would be suggested or necessary)

"Because he knew he was innocent, he decided that fugarse would give him time to prove his innocence."


cochino is incorrectly written and should be written as cochino/cochina being its meaning: The Spanish word "Cochino" is a male hog/pig/swine. A sow is a "cochina". Because these animals are kept in pig-sties which are often unclean, when describing a person, a cochino/cochina refers to person who is dirty, filthy, unclean or slovenly.
Synonyms of cochino are  dirty filthy unclean slovenly
Antonyms of cochino are  clean tidy
 Used in US as well

"Juanita did not want to date Roberto because he works as a car mechanic and he is always cochino when he came to visit."


The diminutive of the proper Spanish name Arturo.
Synonyms of arturito are  little arthur young arthur baby arthur
 Used in US as well

"Arturito loves to play hide-and-go-seek with his siblings while his father Arturo watches approvingly."



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