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Bable Open dictionary by Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Felipe Lorenzo del Río

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In asturleones also furacu, furaquera, buraquera, buracu or buraco. Hole in the door so that you enter and exit the cat or anywhere else.


Wolf in bable, also lloubu, llobo, lobu. Wolf ( canis lupus ) It has been always present in life and culture perfectly. In my alistana land next to the saw the snake in the long nights of winter next to the fire, still tell stories of the lobu children continue with fascination. I can still remember them with a bit of homesickness. The shepherds have the days of fog in winter Wolf always attacks against the wind so that dogs not detected his scent. And it is that adverse conditions have made him intelligent.


In ready (Zamora ) means hitting the linen, because water stagnant and dry-cured, with the mayadera ( cylinder of wood with a decrease in the end that is caught with the hand ) for cleaning of the fiber. The resulting impurities are called tascos, very useful to start the fire.


Mayar in astur-leones also means hitting with flail rye reeds, extended in the era, to separate the grain and to make them more flexible and suitable for sear the pork in the killing.



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