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Bable Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It's a word of the Asturian language. It means cream. Thick layer of fat that forms on top of the milk when boiling.


In Asturian language, it is the set of tools or tools necessary to do a job.


It is an Asturian language word that means now, at this time, already.


It means a lot, enough, quite, abundant. In good quantity.

amariellu ,a

In Asturian language means yellowish ( a ) , yellow ( a ) , pale ( a )


In Asturian language it means tar, galipota, tar. It is also called galipodium. In Asturias, especially in Gijón, it is also a loving and familiar way of referring to red wine.


It is the way to call the city of Gijón in Asturian language.


It can mean ice cream, landing. Affected by cold, numb. Also surprised, dumbfounded.


In Asturian language means novice, inexperienced, apprentice, helper, bison, first.


It means skirt, tunic or straight woman's dress.


It is a word in Asturian language meaning flour. Cereal powder.


Puga in Asturian language means bud, bud, bud, tender branch of a plant.


It is a word in Asturian language that means goofy, silly, lacking, cheeky.


It means flour mixture with blood, garlic and onion. Which contains the sausage. Inlay.


It is a word in Asturian language that means Argentinian.


In Asturian language it means from Galicia, Galician . It can also mean stingy, lazy or cowardly.


In Asturian language it means treated or in good health (good looking or looking).


Duelu in the Asturian language means bereavement, compassion, sorrow, remorse.


In Asturian language it means runny, snot, blowing your nose. It can also mean slap or runaway.


It can mean sailor or a sailor's quarter. It also means cheeky or that it comes from Cuideiru or Veiga. It is a fruit similar to the aciruela.



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