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Bable Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It means living fire of the hearth. Flare, intense fire. It also means udder (cow's), breasts (woman's). Tits . Accommodate , place .


It is a word of the Asturian Language, which means hiding place, nest, lair. It can also mean litter or set of eggs from a nest, clutched.

fartucu ,a

It means full, fed up, there, satisfied. That he has eaten very well. It is a word of the Asturian language. It can also mean canasado, exhausted.


In Asturias it is a typical meal made with beans and chorizo. You can additionally carry black pudding and pork. It is also called fabes. In Spain beans are called beans, beans or beans. Bean .


is a word of the Asturian language that means crazy.


It is a word in asturian language that means night, night hours.


It is a dried corn plant without the cobs. Dry corn cane .

maciu ,a

It means skinny (a), macilento (a), discolored (a), sickly (a), pale (a).


It is a word of the Asturian language that means high, larguirucho. It also means stunned, bobado, bobo, silly. It also means May (the fifth month of the year).


It is the same as tajuela. Stool or three-legged seat.


Name given to the Asturian dialect. It can also mean pejoratively, you don't think, silly, silly.


In Asturian language means sweet, gluttonous, tragón eatlon, which eats a lot, especially sweets or treats.

farrucu ,a

They are terms of the Asturian language that mean conceited ( a ), braggadocio ( a ), vain ( a ), believed ( a ), proud ( a ). Altive ( a ), superb ( a ) .


It is the name of a sweet, thin cake that is prepared in a frying pan. dessert. Its basic ingredients are wheat flour, sugar and eggs. It can also be the frying that is prepared for flour, blood and onion for the sausage or stuffing. Frisuelu.


It's some kind of cabbage.


In Asturian language means junction, splice. Splice action .


They are words of the Asturian language that mean content, contained.


In the Asturian language who receives another ( a ) . This isn't. . . .


In Asturian means objective, end, purpose, goal. Center or white.


Cencerru in Asturian language means cowbell, sheer, bell, bell.



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