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Meaning of eva by furoya



1º_ According to the biblical stories it would be the name of the first woman and second human being created by God, although according to other interpretations, traditions or myths it could be the second female, or the third. It comes from the Hebrew 1495; 1463; 1493; 1464; 1468; 1492; ( Chavvah "giver of life, as mother"). 2º_ For the previous one, and taking into account that for the Catholic religion Eve is holy, it is used as a woman's name with some variants throughout the Christian world, in addition to the Jewish and Muslim. 3º_ Also by the account of Genesis the name is used to qualify a woman guilty of an evil (originally the expulsion from Paradise), or the first of a generation that does not necessarily refer to humans. 4º_ 'EVA' is an acronym for "Air Surveillance Squadron", "Visual Analog Scale", "Virtual Learning Spaces"; and also for other languages that can be found in Spanish texts such as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ( "ethylene vinyl acetate") ), Extra Vehicular Activity ("extravehicular [spatial] activity") or up to Elektronische Verkehrslotse Fur Autofahrer ("Electronic traffic controller for drivers"). 5º_ Eva is the name of cities in USA, Brazil, Greece, Cuba, Samoa, Congo and Mexico. 6º_ It is also the name of an asteroid, songs, books, films and various characters.

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