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utopia yahoo

This must be another fragment out of context, and surely taken from a paragraph in English, because in Spanish utopia is written. Although if we give it some far-fetched spin it may make sense -not for dictionary entry, but to entertain us for a while-. We should take 'utopia' by its last meaning of 'ideal goal; desired, but unrealizable", and to English/yahoo not so much in its sense of "coarse, ignorant man" but in its literary origin, as a character in the novel Gulliver's Travels (Jonathan Swift, 1726), where a yahoo is a wild, uneducated, human-like being, and who shares with him his worst characteristics, and which contrasts with the houyhnhnms, a cultured, civilized equine species with high moral values, which have the above as their cattle. One could then speak of 'the yahoo utopia of ever living in that society of virtuous beings' (yes, well, at least it was the utopia of the yahoo Lemuel Gulliver 128521; ) . Giving another twist, we can come a few centuries later and think of another utopia, that of the Christian missionary David Brodie who tried to evangelize the Borgean yahoos in Brodie's Report (Jorge Luis Borges, 1970) and who were hardly less savage than those of Swift. See Yahoo!.

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