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Meaning of consecotaleofobia by furoya



It's one of those absurd names they invent for supposed phobias of anything, and in this case it's for the "fear of chopsticks to eat Chinese food." There is the fear of what has Chinese origin (sinophobia) and the fear of sharp objects (belenophobia, aicmophobia, trypanophobia, cnidophobia), but that of the Chinese sticks is ridiculous. And the etymology is also suspicious; although 952; 945; 955; 955; 959; 962; (thallós "sapling, young branch") is Greek, I have problems with conseco, secui, sectum, because it is an ancient Latin word for "cut" that evolved as consecum ("dismember, separate food"), and there is also in Latin talea ("branch, stick"), so it seems to me that we are facing another etymological trout closer to versions such as the English chopstick -literally "stick for portions ( of food ) - than to the original Chinese 31607; 23376; ( cjuai zi ) , which is formed by 23376; ( zi "little, son" ) 31607; ( cjuai "chopstick, crockery utensil") . Ah, and yes, 966; 959; 946; 959; 962; (fovos "fear") comes from the Greek.

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