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gimnasia basica comunitaria

Basic gymnastics community: it can be understood as fundamental physical activity, performed by a group of people or community of people.


The word Ranco can understand it from three different perspectives 1. -It is a region of Chile, associated with the Region's rivers. 2. -as a term used to describe the feeling of contempt, rejection, anger that an individual can be felt by a being or thing 3. -It is the mark of a manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical controls for air conditioning, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.


Lose the physical stability lose mental stability lose economic stability


It relates to not created, to not introduced by humans to nature, as no domesticated organisms, animals, fungi, plant, which unfold naturally and in freedom. Plants that grow alone are free to the intervention of man.

plan de mercadotecnia

Activity guide (schedule, control techniques, monitoring etc.) ) for the achievement of objectives, of applying the techniques of marketing to position in the market a product or service. The resources that are needed to be taken into account.

que significa soñar con buhos

Dreaming of owls can mean that you're a person intelligent, perceptive, with a myriad of qualities that a not discover.


1. -Midge is also known as small black or grey flies. 2. -Midge said is of person who annoys or is fastidious


1. -Furnished apartment model. 2. -Beach Resort on the shores of the sea. 3. -Individual of fiery temperament that is carried by instinct


Perhaps you mean pseudocode or false language principle and analysis, operating a program Informaticoen science of the pseudocode computacionel is an informal representation or false computer language. the pseudocode should not be confused with fictional source programs.


a set of instructions that and how, which are used in human activity for expected results. method or way to do something. example: way to make a cake, way to take accounting, actions and procedures that are used in art, skill, science, or activity, when they acquire through their practice and require skill.


Acceptance of an economic future fact as true without prior testing. Safe expectation to be obtained wealth without taking into account logical method.


Speech characteristic of a language, with a meaning that cannot be deduced from the meaning of the words that form it. This phrase is used in some places of the planet, it is called the word by the license and freedom of expression of the people to communicate in daily use.

ya nos cayo el chahuiztle

This phrase is used in some places in Mexico is called by the license and freedom of expression of the people: you caught, you seized with their hands in the dough, you get into a problem. Chahuistle is a condition or disease of corn.

ya aflojo

This phrase is used in some places in Mexico by the license and freedom of expression of the people as: that the Lady is agreed to have sex, at the time of an assault to ask you to give your belongings, at the time of collection example: already to pay me loosens the money I owe. It is loosening. One thing to lose force that gets soft you lose power, example already loosen screw, rust lost its power and will loosen the nut.

sepa la bola

This phrase is used in some parts of Mexico as expression: I do not know, who knows that you want to say, no is. The ball name to a group of very unhappy people in the armed revolutionary movement in Mexico. That is a ball: is a different matter, almost always of material round body hard example: billiard ball.

da el gatazo

This phrase is used in some places in Mexico, expression of the people: that happens on the other, is at first glance well, example: my car gives the gatazo, where you pass Lincoln passed my Tsuru.En another sense give the gatazo make a scam, cheat. also give the gatazo. That you throw you a cat over, action of throwing a cat up a person. Give the gatazo the car Jack

me haces lo que el viento a juarez

colloquial expression: I don't do anything, I'm also cemented that doesn't cause me fear, you are not top my not me scared.

ah¿ nos vidrios

There us glasses colloquial expression which can be taken as see you then, see you soon, until then, you do well.

pela choclo

Peel corn there are different meanings 1. scarce resource economicos2 person-person who walks with shoes broken, worn or peeled 3 tip-when the pie or cornbread will burn


PIBIPOLLO name is leda in the State of Campeche and the real way, MUKBILPOLLO in the State of Yucatan, mostly known in the peninsula such as olive or PIBIS. It is a food native to the Yucatan peninsula Mexico it is customary to cook it the day of the dead, on 2 November, very particularly in the States of Campeche and Yucatan. constituting a delight of the culinary tradition of Mayan origin.



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