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Spanish Open dictionary by Carlos Estrada Barde

Carlos Estrada Barde

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Person that has it ridiculous and absurd belief of that a Government can lie or of that a group of people or an organization can conspire to do something bad or criminal.


Damn, tired, upset.


Beating someone brutally.


Collect money for a specific purpose.

que se teje

What happens, happens, that wave.


Little pillo, slightly silly, not attentive, clueless.

quien te hecho ficha

You who gave you the word.

toda la carne a la parrilla

Put maximum effort into what we do, using all necessary means, do with much effort.

mestay o mequeri

Surprise and disbelief, I annoyed you or want to do it.

cae el cassette

Cassette dropping someone means that he talked about something that should not, as telling a secret.

meao de perro

Be going through a very bad luck streak.

rallar la papa

Be mad or do crazy things, evil mind.

sacarse el pillo

Make excuses, justify, explain that something happened trying to get guilt-free.

oler a gladiolos

In danger of death, the smell of gladiolus is used in reference to flowers that lead to the funeral.


Combo, hand hit.

contar la firme

Tell the truth, be sincere and loyal.

pitiarse algo

1 break down something, damage, destruir.2. It also means to kill someone.

métele chala

Hurry up, hurry up.

chicotear los caracoles

It apurase, hurry, similar to meterle chala.


cauin is incorrectly written, and should be written as "cahuin" as meaning: Mapuche word that means tangling or despair.



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