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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Kelme is a Spanish manufacturer of footwear and sportswear.


Gaston 1- Own male name of Spanish origin . 2- ( adj . ) It wastes, it spends a lot.


Connector , is an English word that in Spanish translates : connector . A connector is a part of a device or part of a system that is used to connect to other systems or other devices.

gentilicio ecuadoriano

The Gentile of people born in Ecuador is "Ecuadorian", although it may be, that in some regions of that country, they colloquially call them "Ecuadorians". In this regard, please request that any contributor or reader of this Dictionary clear this doubt.

canal digital

A digital channel is a means of transmission by which information-carrying signals travel over the Internet specifically. To access a digital channel it is necessary to use a computer, tablet or smartphone.


Split : 1- English word that in Spanish translates : division . 2- A banana split is an ice cream flavored with vanilla, strawberry or rum with raisins, which is served accompanied by a banana.


Mateus , is a male proper name of Hebrew origin. It comes from Matthew


Marimon , is a surname of Spanish origin.

regina 11

Regina 11 is the pseudonym used by Regina Betancourt de Liska, who was once a renowned Colombian mentalist. She was a presidential candidate in 1986, 1990 and 1994.


Santamaría is a surname believed to be of Spanish origin.


Cute : Land diminutive .


Gently ( adv . ) Gently, subtly, delicately.


Valuable (ma), is the superlative of valuable. It's worth a lot or has a lot of importance, esteem or power.


Pum : Onomatopeya that mimics the sound of a stampede or a dry stroke.


Sangileño ( and Sangileña ) Person born in the municipality of San Gil, in the department of Santander in Colombia.


Woman born on the island of San Andres, in Colombia.


Beauty : ( s . F. ) Action typical of a bellaco.


Minibar : ( s . M. ) Furniture or shelf located in the living room of a house or in the room of a motel, which serves to place, drinks and snacks.


Katunga is the name of a musical group founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in the 1960s. He played mainly pop ballad.


Tinajo (s. M. ) Large wide-mouthed vessel, made of cooked clay, very similar to a vat.



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