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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

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Living badly, in poor economic conditions


Mameluco : 1- ( male noun ) Special garment for children or babies, covering the trunk, arms, legs and up to the feet. 2- ( adjective ) Necio , silly .


Antivirus : 1- In medicine, drug that is used to prevent or fight infections caused by a virus . 2- In computer, program that is able to detect and remove a computer virus that threatens to affect the functionality of a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, etc.


1- Woman who practices bowling or bowling, either professionally or as an aficio. 2- Woman who manages or owns a bowling alley.

dar en el clavo

Uncover an answer that seemed inexplicable.


Leave one thing free of obstacles.


In underworld slang, a smoking is a marijuana cigarette, which they also call bareto and baretica.

¿tomar café es pecado?

Drinking coffee, obviously not a sin, however this is one of the beliefs of Mormons. Although it should be clarified that the fact that Mormons do not consume coffee is directly related to health issues, because according to their belief coffee is harmful to human health, and therefore avoiding the consumption of this drink will help to prolong life.

yomo toro

Victor Guillermo Toro Vega, better known as Yomo Toro, was a well-known musician who was part of the orchestra Fania All Stars, and who was constantly called to perform the four in almost every music group "salsa".


Todelar is the abbreviation for Tobón de la Roche. It is a radio station in Colombia, which was also known as Circuito Todelar de Colombia. The name originates because its founder and director was the entrepreneur Bernardo Tobón de la Roche.


In ancient times, cavemen were the people who lived in the caves.


In colloquial language, a bacilator (or better hesitator) is something of a, a breastgallist.


Enter : ( prep . ) 1- Indicates a situation or state in the middle of two or more people or things. Example: The eclipse occurred between ten and eleven in the morning. 2- Indicates participation or relationship in a group or situation . Example: I told that boy that there can be nothing but friendship between the two. . 3- Inside, inside. Example : The leopard hid among the thicket of the forest so as not to be seen by the boar that was going to hunt. 4- In mathematics, mark that one figure is divided with the next . Example: Twelve out of three equals four . 5- Indicates equality or comparison . Example: School work we did among the four.


Widow : ( v . Intr. ) Losing the spouse to death.


Intentionally, deliberately, with all intent of the case, by the way.


Pingarria ( s . F. ) In popular jargon : Lazy, lazy .


Police is an English word that translates : police in Spanish.


Beis : Spanish form of the French word beige, which refers to light brown or light brown.


In Colombia, studies corresponding to middle education, also called secondary basic education, which presupposes higher education are known as a baccalaureate. 2- Grade attaining by a bachelor's degree.


Baccalaureate : 1- Student who has completed the studies corresponding to middle education, also called secondary basic education. 2- Degree or degree awarded to such student. A few years ago this diploma or degree was also called high school cardboard.



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