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CHUPACULOS suckers, lameculos, patero, sycophantic, person who seeks to take advantage of his peers


SANGUCHE urban language by SANDWICH , sandwich


SUPERENDING Spelling Error by Supersending Augmentative Blessing

poner en cuartos

PUT IN ROOMS 1 . Formerly criminals had their heads cut off and exposed at the entrance of the city in the form of a warning, for which a pedestal or monolith was placed that can still be seen in some European villages. The rest of the body was dismembered into four parts or quarters. 2 . In military jargon, assign one of the four guard shifts. 3 . Assign a room and people to serve someone 4 . In Print . Said from a book, a booklet, or some document of many pages. , Of tub paper, whose sheets correspond to four per sheet. Also said of other books whose height is from 23 to 32 cm. When printing sheets of larger pages, 23x33 or larger, in sheets77x130, we speak of a larger quarter.


DIVORSIO aberration for divorce


INEXCRUTABLE error by inscrustable that can not be investigated or known

dar coces contra el aguijon



GIVE IT A reflexive form of the indefinite past tense of the verb to say

been begun broken built chosen done driven eaten flown forgotten given kept known met ridden run see

BEEN BEGUN BROKEN BUILT CHOSEN DONE DRIVEN EATEN FLOWN FORGOTTEN GIVEN KEPT KNOW MET RIDDEN RUN SEE past partitions of English irregular verbs. To be , been = to be , sido; to begin , begun, begun; to brake , broken= 1 . break , 2 . break, broken, broken; to build , built; to choose , chosen, to do, done, done; to drive , driven = drive , handled; to eat , eaten = eat , eaten : to flow , flown = flow , fluid; to forget , forgotten = forget , forgotten; to give , given = give , given; to keep , kept=1 . maintain 2 . stay, maintained, stay; to know , . known=know , known; to meet , met = to meet, to meet, to meet, to meet; to ride , ridden = ride , direct , ridden , directed; to run , run = run , manage , run , managed; to see , seen , see , seen ( here is an error because it asks for the infinitive instead of the participle , as in the rest of the cases .

catarro fuerte

STRONG COLD of great intensity


BUENOTE very good, appetizing, attractive


BIMEMBRATION separation of a body in two


PFF of the English PFFT . it has two meanings. It corresponds to the onomatopoeia of the air outlet forcefully expulated between the teeth. The first is rejection and disacceptance. Alternatively, it is sometimes used as a synonym for LOL: -I died. -PFF, I and also.


VICIOUS fem . of VICIOUS, who is addicted to a harmful vice, such as smoking, drugs, gambling, and rampant sex

mi osito

MY LITTLE BEAR affectionate saying with which a woman refers to her partner, usually in moments that she wants to show affection, sometimes out of love and sometimes out of interest


BLESSINGS short form of saying goodbye, especially Venezuelans and Colombians. Another way to say God bless you!

sangrado nasal

NOSEBLEEDS see EPISTAXIS It is common among children and older adults. It is produced by the rupture of the small vessels that cover the inner membranes, often by dryness and irritation.


KALO app that allows content developers to get agress for it. Also the viewers receive a payment for seeing these contents.


BUSES pl . bus


PLURINOMINAL that has repeatedly the property of having the name of something but that lacks or lacks the reality of it. It is not easy to find an example. A currency note can have a plurinominal value of 5 million bolivars and also 1 dollar, but its real value or intrinsic value (paper) is negligible. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be the bolivar is used in plurinominal form given its negligible value in national currency



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