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LAGS pl . of slipping, displacement, distancing of two elements that should be synchronized or coincident. In physics, the difference between two elements: lag in frequency or wavelength. Offset , displacement .

piernas en el teatro



LEGS in theater: black curtains that are placed on the sides of the stage to cover the actors who enter and leave the scene, as well as machines and other elements that should not be seen by the public


BAGUIOS possible mistake by BAGUIO a mountainous place on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines, with universities and resorts. Called the "City of Pines" it is popular in summer because it has a particularly cool climate. Another possibility is that it meant VAHIDO, a temporary loss of balance, feeling faint.


PICHASO In Costa Rica : piñazo , combo , golpe , piña . PICHAZO in Spain : Blow with the picha or penis.


EUROCRITICAL person of the EC parliament who is critical of that community. In parliament there are 3 distinct groups: Europhobes, Eurocritics and Eurosceptics. Eurocritical Europe seeks to tear down walls governed by international law, respecting the Geneva Convention, the European Convention on Human Rights and its Protocol 4, as well as the directives that the European Union has given itself.


POPIN error by POPÍN diminutive of pot, buttocks, poop


ESBRAFRAR Catalan word that means to desbravar, to tame a brave animal, in particular a horse or a mule. Tame. 2 . Remove the gas from a fizzy drink, softening it.

con todo el amor

WITH ALL LOVE locution to point out that (something) is done with great appreciation for the other person


SYNCYTIUM In biology : ? from Greek ??? syn together and ????? kytos box; cell with several nuclei resulting from the fusion of several cells.

engaño perfidia

DECEPTION PERFIDY see DECEPTION and PERFIDY separately. While both terms have negative connotations these have different meanings.


HIKURI Peyote, from the Nahuatl peyotl. Cacti with hallucinogenic properties. The Mexican Huichols (Wixaricas) use it as a ritual resource, for communication between the earthly and divine worlds.


SHROUD f . of AMORTAJADO , past participle of AMORTAJAR , wrapping , hiding


SPORTS pl . Sport sport in English Colloquially is used to indicate a person who responds chivalrously to a defeat, challenge or similar situation. 2 . Use a distinctive element: Hercules Poirot sported a nice moustache 3 . Acting energetically: They sported gracefully in the water 4 . Casual clothing style: Sport dress, but elegant.





ser el quid de la cuestión

BE THE CRUX OF THE MATTER the crux is the stone, the center, the marrow; most important issue (of a topic)


VIERGELA surname, possible derivation of VIERGE, virgin in French. It has no specific meaning.


ALLEGRISMO Quality of cheerful, as far as musical composition is concerned. The allegro is a musical time with which music is composed, which corresponds to 110 to 168 beats per minute. Other authors limit it to 156 bpm. The most intense time within this category is the MOLTO ALLEGRO, in the range of 132 to 168 bpm and its study can be nominated as Moltoallegrismo.

guias secundarias

SECONDARY GUIDES indications or instructions of lesser importance than the main guides, for the execution of something.



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