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FRACTALITY of latin fractus fractured, broken, irregular. Ability to repeat a geometric object at different scales, with different orientation or different color 2. Ability to graphically represent mathematical models of phenomena relatively common in nature, but which have no scientific explanation.

tucu tucu

TUCU TUCU motor vehicle 3-wheeled, open, sometimes covered, windowless, replacing rickshaw, for the transport of few passengers and tourists, or for the transfer of small loads.


DEAD pl . of DEAD , deceased , which has ceased to exist , which has no life . 2 . It has no movement: the negotiations reached an impasse. 3 . In the game of bridge: cards of the carder's partner, which, once the opponent makes the initial exit, are tended on the table to be administered by the carder. 4 . In the above case, also the person who has laid out his letters.


CABINERO person who rents or maintains the cabins (to move clothes, for example)


BARTO signs Bart on the graffiti he does all over Springfield, on the Simpsons, so he is wanted by the police. 2 . Apocope and alias of Bartolomé or Bartolo . 3 . Pseudonym of Diego Campos is known as El Barto. Diego Campos, a Chilean freestyler, rapper and trapero of Colombian descent. 4 Bartolomé Bedoya in the tv series Casi Ángeles .


CASES pl . of subject , subject , subject , situation . 2 . Raison d'être , reason


ANTICOCHISTS pl . of ANTICOCHISTA , against COCHA . Castilian surname derived from quechua QHUCHA or QUCHA which means LAGOON, LAKE. 2 . Person or action against the main Chilean Tourism Agency.


SELF-CONSTRUCTION lifting of the own house or other work by the owner of the same.


AMPOXOS pl . of AMPOXO Cephalocordado, lancet fish


ANFIOXO cephalochordata subphyle of chordates that inhabit coastal marine areas, swimming freely and semi-buried in the sandy bottoms. They measure up to 5 cms. of length and is lancet-shaped.


ESTREGONES pl . of [ESTREGÓN, scrub 2 . Brand produced by it


ESTREGÓN Scrub, intense friction, especially between people or when washing clothes manually. 2 . Marks left by the same . In Chile : refregón

uña wawa

UÑA WAWA see bus


GUAGUA Danilo already explained very well the meanings of this term. I will clarify the etymology of each . Wawa in Mapudungun is baby, and comes from Quechua wa-wa meaning child, as opposed to ruca, old. On the other hand when it comes to the gondola or bus, guagua derives from the English wagon, wagon


ULTRATHERMAL fem . OF ULTRATHERMAL RELATIVE TO ULTRATHERMAL , Electromagnetic field of high frequency that generates deep heat in the body tissues for healing purposes . It is not recommended in people with metal implants, pacemakers, pregnancy, malignant tumors, thrombophlebitis or if taking anticoagulants or vasodilators.


CRYPTONITE fictional mineral invented by Marvel for the Superman series. In reality, it is about remains of the planet Kripton, from which Superman is originally, and which are mortal to him, so the villains always try to approach him a piece to weaken him and eventually, kill him. Superman's father Jor-El put him in a space capsule moments before the planet's collapse, which brought him to Earth, being found in the field and adopted by the Kent couple. Therefore, the correct thing is to write it Kryptonite, with K.


COUNTERPROGRAMMING realization of a program to counteract that performed by an antagonist.


CAUCUS of the alconquin, North American tribe, in which cau-cau-as-u is meeting of chieftains or council. The Democratic party once liked to incorporate indigenous terms into the language incorporated it in 1763 as a synonym for political convention to choose, through primaries, the presidential candidate, or other office.


RESEEDING 1 . action of reseoting a coin by changing its value. The year 1603 Philip III ordered to reseal the copper coin, fixing the value of 4 maravedíes to the piece that until then had been worth 2 and from 8 to that of 4, being forbidden the circulation of the unmarked 2. waterproofing work on a preliminary seal 2 . Past participle of the verb RESELLAR . 3 . Silver coin that circulated in Spain since 1812.

cantar bingo

SING BINGO in the game of the loto, complete the cardboard with the 15 numbers, to which it is announced loudly Bingo! . Make cardboard 2 . Action of singing without the numbers : In some places it is customary to synonymize some or, sometimes each number with an expression, for example, the 8 is sung "the fat lady" .



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