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Nahuatl Huichol Open dictionary by Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

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It is a word of Nahuatl origin. It means pitillo, straw, straw. Sorbet or reed . Small, hollow and thin tubillo that is used to drink liquids from a glass or bottle.


The correct term is tzonicpalli. It means headboard, pillow, element in which the head is placed to sleep.


The correct term is icniuhtli . In the Nahuatl language you mean friend.


It means to put together, join, shrink, contract.


It is the Spanishization of the word Nahuatl Tenantzinco. It means place of small walls.


I think the question is for tepehui. If so it means in Nahuatl to water, to fall, to spread, to spill. You can refer to tree leaves or grains. Tepeyi or tepeji, in Turkish, means hill, hill, small hill.


In nahuatl language is another way to call agave or maguey. Mexcametl is also used. Name in Nahuatl of a plant, also known as cabuya or fique from which a valuable plant fiber is extracted. Mezcal. Its scientific name is Agave fourcroydes and belongs to the family Agavaceae. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be cabuya , fique , maguey , mezcal , agave , mexcametl , agave fourcroydes


It means where copper (or iron) abounds.


You mean young lady, young woman, girl. Maiden.


In Nahuatl language means around.


It means that.


You mean beautiful, beautiful woman.


It means it's on top, it sticks out. Name of a Mexican people of the State of Guerrero (San Agustín).


It is the name in Nahuatl of cuckolded chameleon, cuckold lizard, blood boots or blood cry. Its scientific name is Phrynosoma cornutum.


It is another name given to the Arhuaco indigenous people. Concerning that ecnia or its language. They live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They are also known as iku, or bintukua. In Nahuatl language, it means of her, to her.


It is more suitable yeyeco or yeyecoa. It's a Nahuatl language word. It means test, rehearsal, training. Rehearse, test, train.


In Nahuatl tongue it means heart fruit, heart fruit or heart-shaped fruit. Fruit heart, peach. It is a way to call peach in Nahuatl language, for the forna of the fruit and the reddish color.


It means little heart, little heart. Diminutive of heart.


It means shell, skin, cover. Which covers the fruit.


It means calm, peaceful, patient, quiet, serene. It does things slowly but very well done. Slow, parsimonious. In Mexico it is used as a woman's name.



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