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Dream walking zig-zag, means that it is undecided before a situation or decision of his life. Dreaming of a bicycle zigzagging, indicates that you must make firm decisions, this will help your business to grow and meet its intended goals. Dream car in zigzag, means driving with lawlessness and insecurity, it is possible to have a motor vehicle accident. It is also a signal that is not playing well their professional work, which would cause him to be fired from his job. The dream of zigzag, an opportunity to correct the negative situations that is happening. It is a warning of auto - assessed and instead of being selfish, to help other people so that you can improve your environment. If Ud. see a person zigzagging is an indication that is doing well in terms of work,


tuna 1. a student who sports and eat without study 2. party and brotherhood of college students that wearing ancient clothing of the University, in the image of the ancient goliards are characterized by singing, playing and travel the world thanks to these 3 skills. Plant of very fleshy stems formed by a series of paddles oval with thorns that represent leaves, large flowers with many petals and fruit ( Cactus or prickly pear ) in Berry yellowish-green bark and edible pulp, sweet flavor and orange or greenish. 4. Fruit of the plantasinonimos: prickly pear cactus, nopal Estudiantina



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