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Roger / Raghupati Raghav Roger has roots in Kingdom of Sicily. Means Lav nandan during his path of Exile (Vanvas) once named Raghupati Raghav.Then the same word reached Britain with Saxons ( Seshanchalam ). After Ram Now Lav nandan in Vanvas (Exile)..Hey Ram..Hey Ram..!


Dresden /Deitrich / Dashrath As per my study I can understand that city developed By Lav nandan (London) on his path of Exile (Vanvas) As per my study Exile path of Lav-nandan began from Sehsnchalam >Sanctum sedes..>..then he reached > Sachsen -Anhalt (Saxony Anhalt) and latter on world know Lav nandan as .>axons . He named Dresden after his Grandfather Dasharatha (Father of Ram )... I have realised now that after Ram now Lav nandan in Exile (Vanvas) and world deny to recognise him... I shall do my level best to serve cause of Lav nandan...who is in Vanvas.



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