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bermuda tryangle

Synonyms of bermuda tryangle are  bermuda triangle

"The Bermuda TRIANGLE was an enigmático zone un the caribean sea."


INTERCISION error for INTERCESIÓN to intercede, plea un the name of others.

"The pope prays these days interceding for Ukraine"


Synonyms of culo are  poto trasero

"Tiene un culo grande. She has a Big ass"


GRANDEZA greatness. Sometimes generosity.
Synonyms of grandeza are  generosity

"Grandeza de alma. Greatness of spirit"


TOKEN informatics: sensible data which is replaced by an unsensible value, named token Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be ficticious, fake value

"Please change all executives and directory salaries by tokens before the simulation."


CHEPA spanish for the external part of the genital female organs
Synonyms of chepa are  vulva

"She was naked, showing her chepa. Estaba desnuda, mostrando su chepa."


AROUND surrounding, near: around eight o'clock
Synonyms of around are  near close nearby about roughly

"We did walk around the dafodils"


GIMPY afflicted with a limp or a limping walk.
Synonyms of gimpy are  hobble claudicación shuffle

"I needed a cane because of a gimpy leg"


PIBIX An ortographic error for PIVIX, an illustration communication service where people can post, read, and view illustrations, manga, and novel 2. Golf cleats
Synonyms of pibix are  pivix
 Used in US as well

"I am using pivix golf cleats fixed with fast twist 3.0"


INDEXACIÓN spanish for INDEXATION, 1. compensatuon of the value across a period of time by means of an interest rate or any other system. 2. Several methods for including the subjects of a website in the Internet index.

"My website about market indexes has been internet indexed"


CROMOSÓMICO Spanish for CROMOSOMIC, related or pertaining to cromosomes
Synonyms of cromosómico are  cromosomic

"The cromosome count shows that everything is un order"


FKORALES plural of FLORAL, related to the flowers.

"Flower arrangements is arreglos florales in spanish"


OCELOTL felis pardalis from nahuatl language, meaning OCELOT, a medium size american wildcat

"The ocelot is the fastest running animal in the world"


REDIMENTE (something, someone) who redeems, that makes free, gives freedom
Synonyms of redimente are  liberating exculpator

"The judge verdict is redeeming. El fallo (o veredicto) del juez es redimente"


MALANDRO bad guy. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be delincuente, truhán

"Malandro is a person who makes ilegal things."


TRASERO spanish for bottom, bum, rear
Synonyms of trasero are  culo rear bottom bum

"Patéale el trasero means Kick his ass"


COÑO spanish for VAGINA, pussy Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be pussy, vagina, chucha, raja
 Used in US as well

"Coño is not a nice word"


PAWN peón, a low level working man 2. a piece of the smallest value in the of the game of chess.

"I got my pawn converted into a queen in the last chess game"

si se puedes

SI SE PUEDES ortographic error for the expression SI SE PUEDE. According to the entonation SI SE PUEDE! means a conviction that (something) IS POSSIBLE. Qhen is said in an interrogative tone is an ask for permission (to do something)
Synonyms of si se puedes are  if possible

"Si se puede, me permites usar tu camarín? If possible, may I use your camerino"


BATTOLOGIST not a spanish word. BATOLOGIA or BATTOLOGY is the uncomfortable and irritating action of repeating words.

"Charles is a terrible battologist. Always repeating words. Unbearable."



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