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APOSTATIA (and not apostia) Action and Effect of quitting a religion or a political party to enter into another.
Synonyms of apostia are  renegado renegate

"Apostata es el que comete apostatía. Apostate is the one who commits apostasy"


ZORRA Bitch, prostitute, fox
Synonyms of zorra are  prostituta puta patinadora prostitute bitch hooker

"Es una zorra callejera. She is a street bitch"

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Spam spam spam spam spam

"Spam spam spam spam spam"



"La generación de energía eléctrica por conversion de energía solar es un proceso muy eficiente. The generation of electric energy through convertion of solar energy is a very efficient process."


COMPULSIVE Compulsivo Obsesive need to do something

"I have a OCD (Obsesive Compulsive Disorder) Yo tengo un TOC (Trastorno Obsesivo Compulsivo)"


PIPICITO Diminutive of (making)pee or pipi, urine. Hacer pipicito is to orinate, preferibly by small childrens.
Synonyms of pipicito are  meado pipi urine

"Vamos, haga pipicito.. Come, lets do pee"


DAGA White weapon, similar to a short spade.

"Julius Caesar was killed with Brutus dagger. Julio César fue asesinado con la daga de su sobrino Brutus"


FULANO A word used in replacement of any unkonown person. if a secon person is needed then is zutano. If a third, it is merengano.
Synonyms of fulano are  zutano merengano
 Used in US as well

"FULANO, ZUTANO Y MERENGANO are words used to name unknown persons. El fulano lo compró, zutano lo vendió y merengano se lo robó. Fulano bought it, zutano sold it, merengano robbed it."


AQUELLO Adverb means THAT in an unpersonal way. Aquello es adecuado. That is adequate.
Synonyms of aquello are  eso

"Aquello es inusual. Esto no lo es. That is unsual. This is not."



"Los vegetales son sanos para la salud. Vegetables are good for health"


PENETRADA Penetrated, fucked. Past participe of the verb PENETRAR, to penetrate 2. Entered.
Synonyms of penetrada are  fucked

"Fue penetrada por 3 muchachos. She was penetrated by 3 guys. The missile penetrated deeply."

ni verga

VERGA Dick phallus. Mi verga is my dick. Ni verga is neither dick...
Synonyms of ni verga are  pene pico
 Used in US as well

"Mi verga está erecta. My phallus is erect."


UNENGAGED No comprometido, sin compromisos. Said of a person with no affective ccompromise

"No estoy comprometido pues me separé. I am unengaged as I bróker up."


MANDADERO Messenger. Person who does small jobs on a churchill, office or a home.
Synonyms of mandadero are  mensajero botones

"Manda un mandadero con esta carta. Send a messenger with this better.letter"


TIRAR Colloq. To fuck. Fornicate.2. Pull: Tira de la palanca: Pull the lever.. 3. Throw away This food is not fresh. Throw it away. Esta comida está descompuesta. Tírala a la basura.

"Me gustaría tirármela i would love to fuck her."


RANGO Range, position. Order or level. Militar de alto rango: High range officer
Synonyms of rango are  position grade

"In the Orange of the seventies: En el rango de los 70. His range is Corporal."

rotales meaning

ROTALES It is the second person singular of the Imperative mode of the verb ROTAR, (TO ROTATE) Iin a pronominal form. The suffix -LES means A ELLOS, that is to them. So, finally, ROTALES means ROTATE THEM
Synonyms of rotales meaning are  turn around

"Rotales la cabeza de modo que miren hacia nosotros. Rotate their heads so that they look to us"


BUCARAMANGA is the name of the capital of Santander's Department in the north part of Colombia. People from Bucaramanga are called bucaramangues, búcaro or bumangueño. There is no such a thing as Bucaramangara.
 Used in Colombia as well

"Bucaramanga is sorrounded by the eastern Cordillera de los Andes"


ROCOSA adj. Rocky
Synonyms of rocosa are  rupestre

"In spanish Rocky Mountains would be Montañas Rocosas"



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