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MALANDRO bad guy. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be delincuente, truhán

"Malandro is a person who makes ilegal things."


TRASERO spanish for bottom, bum, rear
Synonyms of trasero are  culo rear bottom bum

"Patéale el trasero means Kick his ass"


COÑO spanish for VAGINA, pussy Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be pussy, vagina, chucha, raja
 Used in US as well

"Coño is not a nice word"


PAWN peón, a low level working man 2. a piece of the smallest value in the of the game of chess.

"I got my pawn converted into a queen in the last chess game"

si se puedes

SI SE PUEDES ortographic error for the expression SI SE PUEDE. According to the entonation SI SE PUEDE! means a conviction that (something) IS POSSIBLE. Qhen is said in an interrogative tone is an ask for permission (to do something)
Synonyms of si se puedes are  if possible

"Si se puede, me permites usar tu camarín? If possible, may I use your camerino"


BATTOLOGIST not a spanish word. BATOLOGIA or BATTOLOGY is the uncomfortable and irritating action of repeating words.

"Charles is a terrible battologist. Always repeating words. Unbearable."


LIBERTINO, A Libertine, a person who maintains permanent sexual relations with no limits whatsoever.

"De Sade was a libertino or libertine in english"


FALOPA in spanish any alucinogenous drug
Synonyms of falopa are  alucinógeno
 Used in US as well

"Cocaine is a drug. La cocaina es falopa."


FLAUTA spanish for FLUTE

"Yo toco flauta traversa. I play transverse flute."


EUROPIUM chemical element atomic number 63. Europio in spanish.

"Europium was named as such in 1901. El Europio fue bautizado así en 1901."


VULVA Venus mount, femenin intimate external sexual organ
Synonyms of vulva are  pussy
 Used in US as well

"The vulva is conformed by the major and minor labia"


Synonyms of casualidad are  coincidencia azar

"¿Tienes cambio de US100, por casualidad? By chance, do you have 100 dollars change?"


MODERNO spanish for MODERN

"This is the MOMA, museum of modern arts Este es el Museo de Arte Moderno"


Synonyms of pulcro are  impecable inmaculado

"He has a spotless record. Tiene un historial pulcro."


MAGRO spanish for lean, poor Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be lean, poor

"Esta es carne magra, con poca grasa. This is lean meat, with almost no fat"


CHUMINO vulgarism for femenin sexual organs
Synonyms of chumino are  vulva vagina coño

"Le chupe el chumino I licked her (pussy)"


ELUCTABLE in spanish is eludible evitable. In spanish there is the word ELUCTABLE meaning that it is possible to defeat it, to win (something) There is, on the other way, INELUCTABLE meaning unavoidable Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be evitable avoidable

"El juego era eluctable. The game was winnable."


PIRUJA young, free and open woman 2. Prostitute 3. A person who does not serve all religious obligations. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be willing woman, sapling
 Used in US as well

"Esa piruja es estupenda. This vamp is wonderful, stupendous."


COLITA spanish for diminutive of TAIL, small tail. Coloquially, buttocks, ass. 2. A rest of something
Synonyms of colita are  trasero potito resto saldo

"Déjame la colita. Please, leave me a small piece."


PADRINO spanish for godfather

"El padrino fue un éxito para Marlon Brando. The godfather was a Marlon Brando's success."



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