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Petrified. Something that I'm like stone, but retaining its shape, by the effect of volcanic lava.


Desculado. Someone who is sitting very often. You suffer from Distemper, you're like the animals. Desculao! (Cats and dogs suffer, to the not be vaccinated on time against this disease, and creep. )


Trees. That its wood is of very poor quality, because it is too fragil.2-Los Alamos. It was a concentration camp. In Chile.


Action of licking.


PARACAIDISTAS.¿Paracaidistas, is the nickname given to people who come to a meeting.? Dinner. Birthday. Wedding. Any activity, where there is food, wine, dancing, and fun, free. They are named after ¿Paracaidistas.¿( they have not been invited, and will drop )


Anti-paratroop. do do 40? GUAÑACA;?Anti - paratroop )In rural areas is used much when he sacrificed a pig, get many guests, 40 and 41 paratroopers; and among the delicacies which are prepared, is the do roll do forms with long pieces of meat and seasoned very tasty Bacon with spices and Chili, ( spicy )?? in the stock remaining ( is missing after you take the roll ) Onion, flour, toasted wheat, and so this is as a very rich puree, 40 and 41 filler; then gets to roast meat, sausage, chicharrones, which is very little they eat the do guests do because already this satisfied with a dish of rica.?? GUAÑACA DO??



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