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According to the latest research (Minayon .com), Nayon also has meaning in the Colorado-Cayambi language, a macro-Chibcha language, which was present in much of the territory of the Kitus-Kara-Panzaleo of which Nayón was also a part before the arrival of the Incas. In addition nearby places have origin in the same language, such is the case of Tsampiza (Zámbiza), Cumbayá, Pelileo (ravine between Cumbayá and Nayón currently called Miravalle), Amabulo (a ravine in Nayón and El Valle), Pajta Killic (Spanishized to Fataguile without meaning) Na : Niño tierno ( newborn ) Yo : Sol N : de/desde Nayón puede significa ( lugar ) "Del Sol Tierno" or ( lugar ) "Del Sol que nace" This meaning May be due to the fact that from the Place you can see the event of the first rays of Sun in the eastern mountain range of the Andes) and that is visible from the area of Nayón, it is also important to indicate that our ancestors are very observant of astronomical events and put names to the places in addition to names of plants, rivers, mountains and sacred animals. Then the Inca arrived and it is said that they placed mitimaes and called them NAYON-TANTA (current sector of San Francisco de Tanda). In Quichua and Aymara indeed Tanta is meeting, but Nayon would have remained as a place name, and then This group would be "Los Reunidos de Nayón" or "La Junta de Nayón" But no tickling or small corn. ( Minayon .com )


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is the name of a Parish of the Canton of Quito in Ecuador (Santa Ana de Nayón). There are two versions of the meaning of Nayó. 1 . According to Achilles Pérez : Araucano origin and means small corn, tickle. 2 . According to Fausto Chavez : Aerating , ventearse (Araucan origin) or meeting, assembly, meeting (Kichwa origin). It is also the name of an ancestral indigenous people, also known as Nayones.



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