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In addition to the Latinized Greek anagram 'XP' (Equis Pe ), by ' 935; 929;' ( Chi Rho ) for chrism or chrismon , is also the name of a version of the Windows operating system available between 2001 and 2014 where XP evokes the word experience ( "experience" ) , and in addition XP is an emoticon that represents a face with eyes closed and a tongue out to one side, which can be interpreted as the emoji "tasting" (128523; ) , such as "with eyes closed and tongue out" ( 1285) ) or perhaps as "dizzy" (128565; ) .


Felipe Lorenzo del Río

XP with capital letters, Chrismon , monogram of Christ, with the two Greek initials of his name, X (ch) and P (rho), devised by the early Christians in the same way as the fish (ichthys) to mention it cryptically, collected later as a Christian symbol in the Byzantine and Western Church.





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