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Meaning of vara



Thing, object Example: "not I love this wand! pick up these staves of the soil!" Synonyms: Things nbsp; Objects



1. Measurement of outdated length and out of use. 2 Object whose real name is unknown or not remember. 3 Action or behavior of a little seriousness. Example: "1. "Hey, what is that pole? I've never view something like this." 2. "Pass me, eh... that rod, that arena." "3" Longer rods and put serious, mae! "" Synonyms: COSO



(or wand) word used as a substitute for the national monetary unit (the lempira). Example: "1. Hey Lord, give me a wand. 2. These lenses cost 50 rods." Synonyms: Lempiras



Form is called how to a Quetzal.(Quetzal is the official currency of Guatemala) Example: "Regaleme my friend a wand to buy a loaf of bread." Synonyms: Varus nbsp; Quetzal


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia it is synonymous with varan, branch, stick, cane, club or stake. It is a measure of already little used length and equals 3 feet, i.e. about 83 centimeters.



1o_ Although 'vara' is today a cane, staff, cayndo or simply a strap or element much longer than its diameter but manually manageable, without taking into account its termination, in its origins it was only called so that it was rustic and even combed, not very straight, not very straight, . It comes from the Latin vara, ae ( "slob-bear" or "crossbar" ). 2nd_ Old unit for length measurements, about 86 centimeters . 3o_ Second (as 'you' ) and third (as 'he/she' ) people in singular present indicative mode, and second (as 'you' ) person in singular imperative for the verb varar .



Rod of Asclepius or aesculapius = symbol of medicine represented by a stick with a snake coiled in it-



Rod or staff Caduceus is the symbol of Commerce, represented by a rod on which are two coiled snakes -



Rod or staff of hermes = it is a heraldic staff with a winged Sun on top and snakes -



vara or staff of Moses = according to the old testament, it is the wand given by God to Moses to accredit the mission entrusted to his people and carry with it certain miracles or wonders-



Rod: Each of the antlers of the deer.



put the rod high... Impose hard goals





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