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value . ( Of the lat. )( value, - oris ). 1. m. degree of usefulness or fitness of things, to meet the needs or provide welfare or delight. 2. m. quality of things, by virtue of which is given by having them a certain sum of money or equivalent. 3. d. scope of the significance or importance of something, action, Word or phrase. 4. m. quality of the mind, which moves to tackle resolutely large companies and to face the dangers. U t. in sent. peyor., denoting boldness, and up to impertinence. How do have value for that? Had courage to deny it. 5. m. subsistence and firmness of some Act. 6. force m., activity, effectiveness or virtue of things to produce its effects. 7. m. revenue, fruit or a finance product, State, or employment. 8. d. equivalence of one thing to another, especially speaking of coins. 9. m. person who owns or which are attributed to positive qualities to develop a particular activity. It is a young value of the guitar. 10. m. Fil. Quality possessing some realities, considered property, which is why they are worthy. The values have polarity in the are positive or negative, and hierarchy as soon as they are upper or lower. 11. m. Mús. Duration of the sound that corresponds to each note, according to the figure which represents this. 12. m. Pint. A painting or drawing, degree of clarity, halftone or shadow which has each tone or each detail in relation to the others. 13. m. pl. Representative titles or notations on account of participation in societies, amounts borrowed, goods, deposits and monetary, future funds, options, etc., which are object of commercial operations. Is going Lords are on the rise, in baja, calm. value absolute. 1. m. Mat. value of a number without its sign. value added. 1. m. Am. value added. value added. 1. m. Econ. Increase in the value of a product during the successive stages of production or distribution. value civic. 1. d. strength of mind to carry out the duties of citizenship, without flinch by threats, dangers and humiliation. value in account. 1. m. Com. The that the drawer of a letter of Exchange, or another title to the order, covered with seat of equal amount in charge of the policyholder in the account between the two. value in yes same. 1. m. Com. Formula used in the letters or notes to signify that the drawer turns his own order, and has and n the amount of the removal power. value understood. 1. m. Com. The letters or promissory notes, whose custody is reserved to asentár what the policyholder account, when mediate reasons that prevent one and another to explain clearly the real cause of duty. 2. d. u. to indicate collusion or ubiquitous agreement between two or more persons. value is declared. 1. m. pl. Coins or notes that are sent by post, under sealed envelope, whose value is declared in the output, and whose administration delivery answers the postal service. value is trust. 1. m. pl. Those issued on behalf of cash, under promise to exchange them for this. value facial. 1. m. In philately, the printed on the stamp for postage, in contrast to the value of market or collection. value roll-call. 1. m. Econ. Amount by which airs action, an obligation and other commercial documents. value normal. 1. m. Fís. That takes a size under normal conditions. value received, or value received in cash, goods, gender, accounts, etc. 1. m. Com. U as a way to signify that the drawer is satisfied, for any of these modes, the amount of the letter or promissory note. value relative. 1. m. Mat. That has an amount compared to another. value reserved in yes same. 1. m. Com. value in yes same. is how is this ? value do ?, or what such that value ? 1. exprs. U-such as formulae of greeting to inquire about the State of health or mood of the person to whom the word is addressed. ? V. portfolio of value es title value




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