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Meaning of uranismo

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It can refer to male homosexuality or the gay movement. Follower of Uranus, who castrated, felt losing his virility, becoming a woman and feeling attraction to men. In Colombia, followers of the cyclist Rigoberto Urán who is characterized, apart from his skills as a great cyclist, of popularizing a decomplicated language, joker and dicharachero, in which many profane words are used naturally. Urán is nicknamed "El Torito de Urrao".



1º_ It is a euphemism used during the nineteenth century to name the sexual inclination of a man -who feels female- towards another man, something that at that time in addition to a perversion, if consummated, was considered a crime. The term was very popular, but was soon replaced by homosexuality, which sounded more scientific and helped install the idea that it was not a moral deviation. It has a Greek origin in 927; 965; 961; 945; 957; 959; 962; ( Ouranós "Uranus") and was created by the German activist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs as an urninge ("uranist") inspired by the myth of the castration of the god by his son Cronus, who supposed to take away his virility and that is why he had to become gay 128552;? . 2º_ Although it did not become a movement, uranism was also called a literary genre created by English poets from (almost) clandestinity, exalting the values of Greek pederasty. Despite being contemporary and other obvious contacts with the previous meaning, it is not clear that this was the inspiration for the name.





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