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Meaning of que son amenidades


que son amenidades

It is another typical query misplaced with its classic misspelling; However we will mention that this 'amenities' has its merit because it is surely an attempt to translate the anglicism tilingo of amenities, which are the additional services that a building has, a private neighborhood, a community housing for the use of its inhabitants, such as a laundry, a swimming pool, a party room, a grill , . . . Although in reality Spanish already has its words for each of those cases, the most common is "amenities", or the aforementioned "services", which in Argentina is not used much because it resembles the viorsi. See what, verbs/son, amenity, amenity, English/amenity ("amenity, comfort, kindness").



AMENITIES pl . of AMENIDAD1 . Entertainment 2 . Items that hotels give to their passengers, such as gels, shampoos, chalas, pens and others (from the English amenities)





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