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Meaning of que significa liminarmente?

geraldine ortega cassana

que significa liminarmente?

I understand dismissing a judicial process for lack of arguments, evidence or being faced with a seemingly unreal scenario.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Formal to say by way of introduction or input. As home or initially. The word is derived from lete which means entry, home, door or threshold.



In law, at least in Argentina, used, and very commonly, as home of a writing, when it will set a precondition to fund treatment. But is an ingrained habit of the right to invent words


Macerao Von Schetz

"LIMINARMENTE " It is a word that is not included in the dictionary of the RAE. "LIMINAR " means " belonging or relating to the doorway or entrance "."LIMINAR " comes the preliminary Word, in the sense of " 34 prior; prologue " or, in terms more educated " proem "A cordial greeting.





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