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port . ( Of the lat. )( portus ). 1. m. place on the coast or on the banks of a river for its features, natural or artificial, serves to let the boats carried out cargo operations and unloading, embarkation and disembarkation, etc. 2. m. town in which there is this place. 3. m. passage between mountains. 4. m. mountain or mountain range that has one or more of these steps. 5. m. dam or lawns lurch, you ña and gravel, which crosses the River to bring up the water. 6. m. asylum, protection or shelter. 7. m. germ. Posada or sale. 8. m. pl. In the municipality of Mesta, summer pastures. port of arrebatacapas. 1. (By alus) to the place of this name in the Guadalupe Mountains. m. Colloq. Site by where are heady winds. 2. m. Colloq. Place or house where, by the confusion and disorder and the quality of the people, there is risk of frau des or rapiñas. port arribada. 1. m. Mar. port which enter the boats forced by bad weather. port Deportivo. 1. m. port especially built for the mooring of pleasure craft and recreational. port Franco. 1. m. enabled port area for warehouses. port free. 1. m port franc. 2. m. In time of war, which declares not blocked any belligerent. port dry. 1. m. borders place where a Customs Office is established. grab a boat the puerto .. 1. loc. verb. Mar. take port. de port s allende. 1. loc. adj. said of a territory: located beyond for a sierra or mountains. de port s meaning. 1. loc. adj. said of a territory: located below a sierra or mountains. sank someone in the port .. 1. loc. verb. See ruined or loony projects when safer believed them. take port a ship. 1. loc. verb. To reach him. ? V. captain of port captain of port establishment of port




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