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Meaning of podemita



Person who votes or is a supporter of the United We Can party, in the hope of continuing to occupy the homes of other citizens, as well as continuing to collect government aid, without having to work.


Lucas Godoy

Word invented by the fascist media cavern to derogate from the members, voters and sympathizers of the party that is currently part of the Government of Spain. Word widely used by the right and ultra-right slag of this country.


Gallo Kirico

Mesopotamian sect with a lot of face and lip that lived at the expense of entrepreneurs


Manuel Penichet P

Not there is this word in the dictionary. It is a term of recent creation (2014) in Spain and is as known to any member of the political party quot; Can quot;. Some prefer to call them podemistas.


Oscar Herrera

Podemita: Name that referred to members of the political party can.





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