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Meaning of perejil



In lunfardo it has several meanings. 1o_ It is something or someone of little importance, since parsley was given in the greengrocers and was not given economic value; in fact it always ended up scattered on the floor of the business (hence the phrase "being thrown like a parsley" for those who are in the bad way). 2nd_ Silly, naive. Here the origin is the resemblance to the word gil. 3o_ He is also a person of low socioeconomic level, of few resources to defend himself, so he is taken as a scapegoat to accuse him of a misdemeanor, crime, sin that did not commit, or made him cheated. It is what is called a "nobody", a "poor bastard", a "pérez gil". The latter seems to be its origin more than the previous meanings, since it is not necessarily a naive or a stranger; that surname exists in Spanish and was probably chosen because Pérez was very common in Buenos Aires (he was "a common guy") and Gil is for the adjective gil (because "they caught him from gil"). 4th_ Abortion caused . This is because of the assertion of midwives and healers who recommend parsley leaves to stimulate the expulsion of the fetus in a pregnant woman.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is the name of a plant for medicinal and culinary uses. Its scientific name is Petroselinum crispum. It belongs to the family Apiaceae. It is also the name of an island, on the Moroccan coast that is currently in dispute between Spain and Morocco.


lidia ines

Badly dressed. Parsley, called you someone thin and desastradamente dress.





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