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Meaning of palta



Word of origin quechua for avocado or avocado. See also Paltearse Example: "that rich is this avocado" Synonyms: Avocado



It is the avocado, or a delicious fruit! Example: "Today we'll eat avocado with salsa golf" Synonyms: Avocado



Confused, scare There are ramifications that depend on the situation: paltearse, palted, paltie Example: "I've palteado = me equiboque" I have such avocado = that such error Be palted = being confused "Do not ta do avocados = you don't have problem in vain" Synonyms: Confused nbsp; Antonyms: Pendejo



Avocado is an expression of shame Example: "What an avocado with kathy "that paltosa this girl!" Synonyms: Blush nbsp; Blushing nbsp; Flushing / nbsp; Shame nbsp; Antonyms: Effrontery nbsp; Shamelessness nbsp; Indignity



Avocado. Fruit of the species Persea americana Example: "Today it was the harvest of avocado" Synonyms: Avocado


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is an aboriginal name of the avocado, which is a tree of the Lauraceae family and its scientific name is Persea Americana. It has edible green fruits. rich in natural fats. The origin of the word avocado comes from the Nahuatl word ahuacatl, which means " 34 testicle;. It has other common names as it cures or I am cured. It was domesticated in Mesoamerica makes about 7. 000 years.



. belonging to the name of the frutodel avocado - of persea it americana


ergo sifuentes

In addition to being the noun origin Quechua, which refers to the edible fruit of the avocado, in the Peru with " roche " It is its synonym, defines the emotional state of embarrassment caused by actions to pass unnoticed or by actions of others, which feels embarrassed. "No me paltees " It is often heard.





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