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Meaning of mala leche


mala leche

Bad person who has evil character, bad mood Example: "you are bad milk not wanting to lend your grill" Synonyms: Bad vibes nbsp; Heavy nbsp; Bad person nbsp; Antonyms: Nice



With the verb to have, he says of the person who is prone to getting upset or mess with others. With the verb be, it says the person who is angry. With verbs such as acting or making, it means bad faith, with intention to do harm. Example: "Seeks to not deal much with him; you have a bad milk that you can not see. I do not know another person with more nasty than you. Please, don't give me now with demands that I am bad milk. He did it with real bad milk, to ruin me existence." Synonyms: Goats nbsp; Bad mood



Alan cassin Example: "this hamse is a bad milk" Synonyms: Bad luck nbsp; Antonyms: Good luck



Said is a person who has bad works. Example: "" That bad milk have, not won me nothing in the raffle"" Synonyms: Bad luck nbsp; Without Fortune nbsp; Antonyms: Lucky nbsp; Lucky



He said is this expression when something does not come out or is correctly or the liking of one. It is also used when one has NO luck. Also used to define a person who openly work in bad faith. Example: "But to bad milk River Plate lost again! Oscar always acts of bad milk, is normal for him." Synonyms: Bad luck nbsp; Antonyms: Luck nbsp; Success


Luis Danilo Diaz Vecino

Name given to the person with very bad record from his origin or birth



The phrase appears with the " milk 34 housewives; , who said that they breastfeeding with '' good '' or '' nasty '' and that changed the character of the baby. Happy era who had " good milk " because having milk also was feeling lucky, and was a bitter or unfortunate who had " bad milk ". It also refers to who has malicious intent to do something.





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