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Meaning of luna

Fernando Moros


interior courtyard of neighboring buildings.



Moon : In alchemy , silver , chemical element .


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It's a woman's name of Latino origin. It means beautiful and glowing as the Moon. Name of several locations in Spain and the Philippines. In Colombia it is a surname of Spanish origin. Inner courtyard of the Spanish Renaissance palaces. Mirror that by its size allows to see complete the body of a person. Glass or mirror sheet. Name of Earth's natural satellite. By extension each of the natural satellites of any planet. Name of a song and the daughter of Colombian singer Juanes. Name of a Spanish river in the Province of Aragon . Name of several fictional characters (Marvel comics , Planet survival , Sailor moon).



1st_ Moon and Diana are names of a Roman goddess in two of its facets, the first is relative to the skies, especially at night, and that is why it is associated with our natural satellite. See selene . 2o_ By the above, common name of any natural satellite on any planet. 3o_ Glass sheet, p . E.g. of a mirror or a glasses. 4th_ Bad mood . See alunado. 5th_ Woman Name .





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