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Meaning of liga



1º_ Union, joint, binding, mixing. On this concept, meanings 2 to 5 inclusive are created. 2º_ Elastic or adjustable band, usually used to hold garments. Alliance, group of people, nations, institutions that come together for one purpose. In metallurgy and jewellery it is an alloy. 5th_ Mortar, concrete, mortar for construction. 6th_ Another name for the plant Viscum album. See mistletoe. 7th_ By the former, a preparation made from the viscous pulp of mistletoe fruits to hunt birds (although the former could be a consequence of this method of hunting, which could then also derive from the first 129300; ) . 8th_ Inflection of the verb to bind. See verbs/link.


Cayetano Peláez del Rosal



Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Female garment already in disuse. Usually used as an elastic to properly maintain the middle parties. Garter belt. In Colombia told League to the combination of the resulting mix oil and gasoline for use as fuel in the motorcycle. Colombia also means tip, you albricias.



. belonging to the name of the quintral 40 frutodel; 41 mistletoe; -



League: Mistletoe, parasitic plant.





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