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Meaning of lepe

francisco javiergomezuviña


ISA how to call the children in the State of chihuahua



From West Texas, it means kid in general and used in a derogatory sense. Like "Este chanaco no ase' caso" - " this kid kid doesn't behave" this is equal to misbehaving or bad kid. Or kid thinks he knows everything.
 Used in US as well

"Like Este chanaco no ase' caso - this kid kid doesn't behave this is equal to misbehaving or bad kid."


José Manuel Gomez Leperilla

Diminutive of people whose last name is Leperilla.


Margarito Cázares Guerrero

It is a derogatory way of referring or go to a child



Lepe in indonesia means know or know more than others


Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Lepe is indeed a town of 27,000 inhabitants very tourism of the province of Huelva in Andalusia, close to the South of Portugal, which produces almost all the strawberries in Europe, common place of many jokes which are in Spain, which supported the leperos with extraordinary patience and elegance. Becomes an indecent to the Alps in winter to ski and see an informational poster that says:-Beatemberg 14 cms, elusive - Boltigen 16 cms, soft - Engelberg 18 cms, solid. Approaching the poster and write:-Hoze Perez 20 cms, hard as a stone.


Luisa Lepe

It can also be a surname.



Lepe is a town in the province of Huelva, autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. If you want to know this interesting Andalusian town, visit the Blog: LEPE TAL Y COMO ES.


osca bernal

It can be a word that is used to offend a person without father or mother.