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Meaning of lego

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It can mean secular, secular, non-religious, non-clergy. It also means uneducated, profane, ignorant, illiterate, unaware of a subject. It lacks knowledge or experiences in a certain subject. Set of chips to assemble of Danish origin.



1st_ That lacks orders or knowledge about a matter, plain person . It comes to us from Latin laicus, i, which takes it from Greek 955; 949; 953; 954; 959; 962; ( leiikos "relative to the people" ). 2nd_ By the previous religious who lacks sacred orders. 3rd_ 'Lego' is a trademark of a classic set of canteenable parts for assembling mock-ups, which expanded its business to robotics and cinematography. It comes from Danish. leg godt ( "play well" . 4th_ Inflection of the verb begar . See verbs/lego .



Convey ideas, arts, etc.





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