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Jonbar ( pr . yónvar ) is an English word that has no Spanish version, but is used in the expression "point [of break or inflection] jonbar", which in fantasy or counterfactual literature describes a specific event that causes a historical change; and this is understood from a transtemporal perspective, where both consequential futures can be known, depending on whether or not the event occurs. The original jonbar hinge ("hinge jonbar") is a bit more in tune with the definition, and comes from the novel The Legion of Time (Jack Williamson, published by Fantasy Press in 1952) where a war correspondent about to die (Denny Lenning) is recruited by an army of time travelers to induce a young John Barr to at one point in his life choose to lift a one off the ground. magnetized stone instead of a pebble; since in the first case he will become the scientific inventor of the dynon, which will give rise to a utopian society called Jonbar; and in the second whoever invents it with the name of gyrane will be the religious fanatic Ivor Gyros, and it will be used to create a tyrannical society called Gyronchi.


John Rene Plaut

JONBAR point of division of a UCRONÍA, called PUNTO JONBAR





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